Never mind the groping, Sophie Mirabella’s now ex-advisor Anthony Scrinis was showing signs of being a little, well, off balance, well before the Mid-Winter Ball.

Check out his website, still up today, but dating back to when Scrinis ran for Melbourne’s Port Phillip council in 2008:

First up, a declaration. It seems the use of capital letters is not a prerequisite in a Mirabella media adviser:

“men, women and children of port melbourne.

doomsday is not coming from man-made climate catastrophe. most climate change is, and always has been a natural process.

good leadership requires logical judgement of the evidence. i believe our councillors have failed this fundamental test, by blindly adopting the predictions of unproven computer models – the only evidence for man-made global warming.

i have enrolled to vote for the first time in my life, because this is the most critical policy judgement for us and our children. i am operating and funding this campaign completely independently. i have never been a member of any political party. I am a member of the lavoisier group and the a.f.l.

i am determined to introduce integrity and logic to local government. to my best intentions, i shall promote change through truth, hope and non-violence – in my thoughts, speech and action. any failure to do so shall be rectified, and publicly acknowledged.

i have lived, worked and played in melbourne all my life, and port melbourne for 4 years. this feels like my true spiritual home, as it is where many of my fellow greek-australians landed from their homeland. they established port melbourne’s post-war character, and their continuing presence adds depth to this vibrant cosmopolitan community.

i attended melbourne high school, and graduated from the university of melbourne with a bachelor of science.
my community involvement includes: producer of channel 31s ‘neos kosmos report’; presenter of 3rrr’s ‘party by proxy’ (winner fm radio award – creative use of medium); and journalist/photographer for neos kosmos english edition (afl multicultural program award).

i organised and promoted the free ‘use your vote’ concert in treasury gardens (in conjunction with the australian conservation foundation), to encourage political and environmental awareness to young people, prior to the 1990 federal election.

i have terminated all my business agreements. should i be fortunate enough to be elected, i shall devote my time and efforts to the local community, and donate 10% of my council allowance to local charity, and not charge any personal expenses to ratepayers.

i will address every problem in the community in the same way as I have made a judgement on climate change. i will personally examine the evidence to establish the indisputable facts. solutions shall be sought from all members of the community. the best solution will logically evolve from this process, and the entire community will receive credit for it.

i will subject myself to random drug and alcohol testing.

i am legally liable to a penalty of $2,268.40 if I have knowingly made a false statement in this declaration.”

Anthony Scrinis

Then there’s this extract from The Port Phillip Leader, which includes Scrinis’ platform:

Anthony Scrinis, video producer.

Age: 41.

Suburb of residence: Port Melbourne.

Political party: None.

What do you see as the most important issue in Port Phillip? Good leadership requires logical judgement of the evidence. I believe our councillors have failed this fundamental test, by blindly adopting the predictions of unproven man-made global warming theories.

What is one thing you think you can achieve if elected to council? I shall campaign the other councillors to join me in voting to abandon all CO2 reduction schemes. However I do support other evidence-based environmental initiatives.

And another declaration, with peritinent facts such as:

* i was officially enrolled to vote for the first time in my life on september 11, 2008.

* i have produced election tv commercials, videos and a website for sophie mirabella mp (formerly panopoulos). i was paid my due fee.

* i have produced election tv commercials for bill tilley mp. i was paid my due fee.

* i sent a written submission to the official 2004 alp election review. this submission analysed the election tv advertising campaign, and offered my services to them. i received a thank you note in reply.

* i emailed john thwaites mp about the proposed st kilda skate park.

* my uncle demetri gogos is the publisher of neos kosmos. i have advertised in the newspaper at a special rate.

* i was invited to join the climate sceptics party.australia. i declined the offer.

* i have rejected meetings with representatives of the ALP and Liberal party.

* i have no intentions of creating my own political party. they are no fun.

* i purchased my property with a loan from my mother and a home loan from westpac.


* a close relative took my profile picture at a close relative’s photo exhibition. he did it because he is a good guy.

* a close relative helped a neighbour of a good friend took the port melbourne beach photo on my website and poster. he received a bottle of wine in gratitude.

* good family friends introduced me to four port melbourne shopkeepers.

* a large printing company supplied me a paid service, which I would not normally be entitled to.

* i promised a photo opportunity to a national newspaper. I failed to deliver this.

* i have received a written commitment from richard branson up to a total of A$15,000 via virgin money.

* i have received good and bad advice from many people.

* me buy the shirt in my profile picture. i did not give them credit for this at the time.

Perhaps a talent with words is also not necessarily a prerequisite to gain a gig as a media advisor in Mirabella’s office.

And finally, the transcript of his speech delivered to St Kilda Town Hall on the 22nd of November last year, which begins, inexplicably, with:

Men, women and children of port phillip.

It’s time to be honest.

I’m a really good liar,

and an even better actor.

I’ve been in showbiz all my life.

Do not trust me.

Do not believe a word I say.

I do not know what’s best for you.

And I will never tell you what to do.

It’s time for you to make a judgement,

based on the evidence.

Do your own intelligence research

What is the truth?

Points for creativity. But if the lack of punctuation wasn’t enough to warn Sophie Mirabella off, perhaps this should have done the trick:

November 16

I’m back online now, with an apology to make. Yesterday, my thoughts, speech and action were aggressive towards another person. There is no excuse for this behaviour. I apologised to them immediately and hope we will have harmonious relationship in future.

No word on whether breasts were involved.