Twitter is showing its power to provide users with instant news. People, including Iranian residents, are sending in tweets ranging from mild distaste to full horror in the aftermath of Ahmadinejad’s win and ensuing protests…

Crikey work experiencer Cameron Magusic has wrapped some of the more interesting tweets.

For those wanting to follow the situation in full as Iranian tweeters see it, check out blogger Tor’s near comprehensive list

Tuesday, 16th of June (AEST)

9:41 am: @KentaKahar reliable source – more than 100 motorbikers at Baseej headquerters in Iran street

9:43 am: @KentaKahar rumours that some of the motorbikes are arab speaking ppls – cannot confirm if Hezbollah from Lebanon

9:56 am: @michaelkohhh  RT* Ahmadinejad has given nationwide Ok for Basij to shoot. Some local governors are resisting

10:04 am: @PaganEyes The protesters are protecting the reporters and preventing them from being arrested and film confiscated

10:05 am: @GOPrincess Wondering how long it will be until the Democrats turn USA into Iranian-type of country…squashed thought and possible fraud?

10:08 am: @Br3nda Iranian boy shot dead by the basij at Azadi square in Tehran GRAPHIC  keep on posting!

10:10 am: @nazrimmer  Commun tools like twitter must scare oppressive governments like Iran. Twitter is Free Open Press on steroids

10:14 am: @Flowersophy Riot Police in Iran are 5000 Lebanese Hezbollah militants, they chomping people in Persian with Arabic accent

10:15 am: @oli2be Iran 12 students reported killed in crackdown after violent clashes

10:23 am: @JohnWelch When RT’ing updates from Iran, leave username out, police r watching Twitter and have already killed an Iranian tweeter

10:31 am: @rony_s RT Relatives in Shiraz confirmed- Arab speaking militiamen in streets  Hezbollah in Shiraz now

10:32 am: @hsoj RT … “Phone lines are controlled in Iran, if you say words Mousavi, Sepaah, Khamenei, it is disconnected.”

10:38 am: @michaelkohhh signed copy of the Ministry of Interiors original copy that clearly shows Mousavi had won the election

Monday, 15th of June (AEST)

4:17 am: @Iran Election results are extra legit when you cut phone lines, access to foreign news and when the “loser” is put under house arrest, no?

8:45am: @pallian Mahmoud Ahmadinejad dismissed the unrest as little more than “passions after a soccer match”

12:05 pm: @JayCeeZee The people of Iran will never know what real democracy is when the theocracy (clerics) still control the control! Ahmadinejad to rally, on protests:”Society must be purified…no other choice but surrender,” and “we have full freedom in Iran” Yeah, right

12:09 pm: @conniebrimmer website has no mention of Iran… guess they don’t update on weekends. Golf, you know.

12:10 pm: @h2caradvocate Mumbai 08 via Twitter was shocking. Iran 09 via Twitter is a 21st century reality check.

12:25 pm: @muslimvoices No tweets from Iran 4 a while. Twitter, last connection 2 Iran, may have been cut off.

12:25 pm: @ DanielGoodwin …Andrew Sullivan has been tearing the Internet up with his Iran Election coverage. I got so heated I flipped my Dad’s car.

12:26 pm: @martysnowpaw The world to wear green tomorrow for freedom in Iran.

13:35 pm: @WomanWrites Obama calls Bermuda to say thx. Yet hes unable to comment on Iran. I’m thinking he wants Ahmadinejad to win. #iranelection

13:35 pm: @straylightrise Not getting bothered about the Iran thing – guess what this is what happens when statism occurs – rigged elections under auspice of freedom

13:36 pm: @NewBernsKevinG Amazing…Iran is breaking apart at the seems thanks to MA and the Ayatollah. Talk about blowing everything in the Iranian people’s face.

13:36 pm: @MikeHarlos This is what fighting for your OWN freedom looks like. Iraq should learn this lesson from Iran.

RT = retweeted information