Constance E Little of Swan Reach, Victoria, “one of the most prolific writers of letters to the editor of The Age across five decades,” has died in Melbourne, aged 89:

“Constance E. Little was a stalwart in The Age letters pages for decades and many readers felt they knew her personally, such was her ability to write pithily on a wide range of topics,” The Age opinion editor, Roslyn Guy, said.

If Ms Little stuck around today, she’d have a blog. Or at least rival our most prolific commenters — yes we’re looking at you Venise.

Here are some highlights from decades-worth of perfumed stationery and postage stamps:

Oct 9, 1962 — on alcoholism:

May 12, 1965– on mushrooms:

May 21, 1968 — on the monarchy:

Oct 27, 1971 — on the evils of spin:

April 13, 1978 — on Bob Hawke:

Dec 30, 1986 — on alcohol advertising:

“Seeing that pen glide across the page was it for her — that was her communicative mode,” Ms Little’s daughter, Janet Harbeck, told The Age.

For Constance, the pen meant everything, but the click of the keyboard? Not so much.

Janet told  The Age that Constance hated technology. In fact, she “hated computers”:

“She said they were the death of children’s intellect, creativity and spirit.”

Ahem. Well, that’s not going to stop Crikey from dedicating a new column to Constance.

Named in honour of Ms Little’s letter writing, which covered everything from several wars (she was anti) to social justice (for) and global warming (against), this regular column will feature highlights from letters to the editor pages at home and abroad.

We’re sure Constance would approve.

And if not, she’d write a letter, addressed to SIR.

If you see any letters to the editor that would make Constance E. Little proud, either for their pith, prose or sentiment, please send to [email protected] with ‘Constance E. Little’ in the subject line.