Jun 16, 2009

Meet the new dirty dozen

Clive Hamilton dishes the dirt on his new Greenhouse Mafia line-up.

The fossil fuel lobby was on such intimate terms with the Howard Government and worked so assiduously to see it re-elected that many assumed it would lose influence once Labor took government.

That was certainly my view when I crafted my first list of members of the Greenhouse Mafia in 2006, 12 people I dubbed the “dirty dozen”; but how wrong I was.

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4 thoughts on “Meet the new dirty dozen

  1. Kalashnikov

    Old grandfather Clive has really lost it hasn’t he? But rather splendidly when he names the crew who put him in a straitjacket and saved fhe family fortunes when he ran out on to the pier, looking as if he was about to sail into the blue, shouting “I am a sinner, we are all sinners, let the sea take the family silver and let the rest of my worldly goods go to the Anyone-But-Family Foundation”. So it is these heroes who have stopped us “setting a good example” to those recalcitrant Chinese, Indians, Russians and Americans at great cost to us and without measurable benefit to anyone except a few retired financial advisers turned greenhouse lobbyists.

  2. Kalashnikov

    PS Is this THE Clive Hamilton? No title today. Is that just THE Clive Hamilton’s latest form of hairshirt wearing humility?

  3. Evan Beaver

    Gee Kalishnikov, I’d be pretty careful who you point the ‘he’s gone mad’ stick at. Glass houses and all that.

  4. MichaelJChristie

    Dear Clive
    Thank you for your list of anti-climate change lobbyists. Have you come across the role of the Builders Owners Managers Association in the climate change lobby?

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