Week three of the Indian students crisis, and the racialists are at it again, this time Greg Sheridan, who should know better, in Saturday’s Oz: “The Indian students, naturally law abiding and counselled by older community leaders not to overplay their hand, calmed down….”

Ah those biologically-programmed law abiders, who listen to their wise elders. Let’s just recap what happened: Indian students got sick of taking crap and being lied to by lazy cops and politicians, so they took the law into their own hands, practiced civil disobedience and got hauled off Melbourne and Sydney streets, the pictures being flashed around the world.  When they got a response, they stopped. ‘Community elders’ — most of who have little relationship to the students who arrive for our education mill — had nothing to do with it.

But despite the evidence that Indian students are more, not less, likely to not knuckle under, and the general lesson of hundreds of years of Indian history, let’s by all means continue with the colonial script.