Ahmadinejad re-election sparks Iran clashes – BBC News

Chinese rise in industrial output raises hopes of end to global recessionLondon Daily Telegraph



Political life

Whelan rewarded on the well-worn path to Canberra – Another NSW Labor backroom operator has landed in Canberra with the appointment of John Whelan as a senior strategist in Kevin Rudd’s office. Mr Whelan has a political pedigree dating back to premier Bob Carr, for whom he spent six years as senior adviser and executive officer – Sydney Sun Herald

Old political foes call for return of lost marbles – Gough Whitlam and Malcolm Fraser have united behind fresh efforts urging Britain to return the Parthenon sculptures to Greece -Sydney Sun Herald

Kooyong calling: the egos behind the battle – for Liberal Party pre-selection – Sunday Melbourne Age

Shorten backs safe seat for former staffer – Former Labor staffer Natalie Sykes-Hutchins is being championed by influential Victorian federal MP Bill Shorten to be shepherded into a safe Labor state seat at the next election – Sunday Melbourne Age

Law and order

State’s police licensed to Taser – Taser stun guns will be rolled out across the state in the biggest revolution of police equipment since the NSW force was formed in 1862 – Sydney Sun Herald

Man launches civil action after stun-gun attack – the planned roll-out of Tasers comes as lawyers prepare the first civil action against NSW Police over the alleged misuse of a Taser on a Sydney man – Sydney Sun Herald

Men of colours stand united in face of bikie bill – Sydney Sun Herald

‘Street violence to blame, not racism’ – bashed doctor of Indian origin tells the Sunday Melbourne Age

Budgetary matters

Libs skewer ALP over looming NSW budget deficitSydney Sun Herald

Government perks, free lunches to end in Queensland budgetBrisbane Sunday Mail

Rate rises in double digits as Queensland councils claw back lost revenue – Brisbane Sunday Mail

Economic matters

Salaries slashed as jobless line growsQueensland Sunday Mail


Sartor claws towards Labor leadership – MP Frank Sartor is being seriously considered for the premier’s job as infighting paralyses Nathan Rees. Senior Labor figures and MPs are so frustrated by the party’s performance they are actively weighing Mr Sartor’s leadership potential despite years of dismissing his ambitions because of his hot-headedness – Sydney Sunday Telegraph

ALP conference no school for scandal – John Brumby gave the topics of branch-stacking and local government scandals a wide berth yesterday as he addressed hundreds of the Labor Party faithful at Melbourne Town Hall reports the Sunday Melbourne Age

A hint of strange things

Confiscated drug-money use `favoured Labor’ – an audit has allegedly revealed consficated drug money was used by the former government as a slush fund to pork-barrel Labor electorates – Perth Sunday Times

Public transport

Are cyclists being taken for a ride? – the Sunday Melbourne Age looks at the proposed costs of hiring a bike for inner city travel


Afghanistan battle bonds brothers in arms – The story of a Dutch soldier’s courage reveals what our army keeps secret, writes Tom Hyland in the Sunday Melbourne Age


Anything flies in Wonderland – Glenn Milne in the Sydney Sunday Telegraph and other News Sundays, on what the Commonwealth Bank’s mortgage interest rate rise will be on consumer confidence and thus economic recovery.

PM denies flood victims a fair shake – Piers Akerman in the Sydney Sunday Telegraph makes the case for federal aid to north coast NSW flood sufferers

Ghost in the machine – Josh Gordon in the Melbourne Sunday Age writes that the endless speculation about Peter Costello is turning out to be, well, endless.

Stop wasting time and save the planet, Mr Rudd – urges Damien Lawson in the Melbourne Sunday Age



Ahmadinejad re-election sparks Iran clashesBBC News

World Financial Crisis

Big economies ‘stabilising’ – G8 – world’s largest economies are beginning to stabilise but still face major risks amid an ongoing global recession, G8 finance ministers say – BBC News


090614dailytelelondon1George Soros urges governments to outlaw ”toxic’ credit default swaps –  London Daily Telegraph

Chinese rise in industrial output raises hopes of end to global recession –  London Daily Telegraph


Rebate shock could prove a panel beaterSydney Sunday Telegraph on the impact of changes to solar panel rebate


Winners and losers in an all-digital TV worldChristian Science Monitor

Eddie McGuire’s TV games gold – Eddie to host coverage of winter Olympics next year – Melbourne Sunday Herald Sun

It’s comedy as usual at ABC – The Chaser’s Chris Taylor was offering a newsflash on his Facebook page yesterday: he told friends he had just learned “that the ABC will appoint Ruth Cracknell’s corpse as the new Head of Comedy” – Sydney Sun Herald

I’ll have a little Elvis with that, thanks – Cafe and restaurant patrons could soon be eating in silence, after a proposal by Australia’s largest record labels to increase the cost of background music by up to 2000 times – Sunday Melbourne Age


Swine flu

Swine flu fear dries up wine at CommunionSydney Sun Herald

Australian U21 lacrosse team confined in Korea in swine flu scare – Sunday Melbourne Age


Night shopping hours decision ‘this week’ – Barnett – Premier Colin Barnett will introduce a Liberal Party Bill this week to extend week night shopping hours to either 8 or 9pm – Perth Sunday Times



Slumlord millionaires cash in on hard timesMelbourne Sunday Age


Cure for baldness may lie in stem cells – Sydney Sun Herald


More workers caught as drug tests increaseSydney Sun Herald

Abyss awaits young as teen drug rehab closes – Children with drug and alcohol addictions will “slip through the net” when the Victoria’s only residential rehabilitation program for young teenagers closes this month because of a lack of funds. Melbourne Sunday Age

‘I felt like I was part of the family’ – the story of a successful treatment of a teenager – Melbourne Sunday Age