There are tabloid beat ups of political stories and then there is The Australian desperately wanting to be different in a way that shows it doesn’t get sucked in by this Labor Government nonsense. So have a chat on a slow news day with that motor mouth of the Liberal Party, shadow Education Minister Christopher Pyne, and hey presto we can turn a vague comment by one South Australian primary school teacher into a multi-million dollar debacle.


The story is a nonsense of the first order.


World Bank sees even worse slumpBBC News

Beijing backlash against Rio deal – Sydney Morning Herald

Rudd’s men seize control of preselections – Sydney Morning Herald



Economic matters

Millions handed to axed schools in stimulus debacleThe Australian

Public service Superannuation in Budget sights as Queensland Treasurer eyes cuts worth $500m – Brisbane Courier Mail

Tasmanian Budget flags redundanciesHobart Mercury

Jobs rate holds up as employers cut hours – Sydney Morning Herald

Victoria, the place to be working less – the Melbourne Age reports Victorians are losing work faster than Australians in any other state, according to new figures that count both unemployment and so-called “underemployment”.

Racial relations


Indian student bashed in Rundle MallAdelaide Advertiser

Safe Streets will continue despite race violence, police vowMelbourne Herald Sun


Rudd’s men seize control of preselections – the Sydney Morning Herald reports that Kevin Rudd and his most trusted lieutenants will oversee the preselection of Labor candidates in key seats after being granted special powers by the party’s national executive.

SA State politicians build war chestsAdelaide Advertiser

It’s ‘all go’ for a new RAH – The SA Government yesterday called for expressions of interest from the private sector to help build the $1.7 billion hospital, but earmarked April next year as the closing date for proposals – after the March election – Adelaide Advertiser


NSW Premier Nathan Rees to move over Frank Sartor – Rees is believed to be privately planning to bring on a pre-emptive leadership spill following next week’s state Budget to bring an end to speculation he is about to be rolled – Sydney Daily Telegraph

A hint of strange things

Brumby’s reform faces fight at state conference – Brumby is facing a backlash from within his own party over his bid to implement the Ombudsman’s findings in the wake of the Brimbank Council scandal – Melbourne Age

Parliamentary practice

Queensland MPs to get babysitters in parliament? – the Speaker suggests allowing public service advisers to sit alongside ministers in the actual chamber to provide information when complex legislation is being debated – Brisbane Courier Mail

Industrial relations

Industrial relations face tug of war over workers’ rights Brisbane Courier Mail on how Queensland unions are warning that a quarter of the state’s workers could be forced to endure inferior workplace laws if the Government hands over its industrial powers to Canberra.

Construction regulator to stay as states back PMSydney Morning Herald

Political life


Latham attacks troopsTownsville Bulletin

Public service

Millions for jobless mandarins – The cost to taxpayers of public servants without jobs and on the unattached list is about $46 million a year and not going down – Sydney Morning Herald


A diabolical dictatorship without efficient trains – Simon Benson in the Sydney Daily Telegraph on the NSW leadership challenge to come

Rise and fall of political powerhouse – Michael Costa in The Australian on NSW Labor’s right wing

Pragmatists the voters’ choice – Arthur Sinodinos in The Australian looks at the European Parliamentary election result and sees the trouncing of the Centre Left over the weekend suggesting that the final victory of social democracy has been postponed yet again.

Easy on the sauce, Kev – Andrew Bolt in the Melbourne Herald Sun on the PM’s language

Buck stops with you, ALP leaders: start the clean-upMelbourne Age editorial

Beating different drums – Michelle Grattan in the Melbourne Age arguers unions should cut their losses and accept that coercive powers over building workers are going to remain


Economic matters

World Bank sees even worse slump – The world economy will contract by 3% this year, far more than the 1.75% drop the Bank predicted earlier this year – BBC News


Mahmoud Ahmadinejad faces defeat if election not rigged, say Iranian expertsThe Guardian, UK

Foreign policy

Barack Obama’s man Kurt Campbell junks Kevin Rudd’s Asia-Pacific planThe Australian


0906125marketsOil surges on raised demand forecastFinancial Times of London

Beijing backlash against Rio deal – the Chinese Government will slap trade sanctions on BHP-Billiton and Rio Tinto if they join their iron ore businesses without first gaining permission from Chinese competition authorities the Sydney Morning Herald reports a Chinese official as saying.

Chinese figures dampen forecasts – the slump in world trade continued into last month, with China yesterday reporting a record 26.4per cent fall in its exports, pushing back forecasts for a return of world growth – The Australian

Positive signs in China despite trade fallFinancial Times of London

Chinalco sweet as rescue goes sour – Chinalco has heaped praise on the Australian government’s attitude to foreign investment, but its chairman Xiong Weiping has described the collapse of its $US19.5 billion ($24bn) deal with Rio Tinto as a setback that will likely see the company scale back its acquisition ambitions – The Australian

090612chinadailyMinmetals acquisition deal wins OZ shareholders approval – China Daily


Nats slam Rudd for wasteful water buybacksThe Australian

Climate laws add to police workloadMelbourne Herald Sun

Greens oppose recreational hunting in national parksSydney Morning Herald


Kevin Rudd takes another swupe at ABC’s The Chaser teamSydney Daily Telegraph


Swine flu

World Health Organisation declares swine flu pandemicThe Australian

‘Several million’ Britons to fall ill with swine fluLondon Times

Dwindling supplies means Tamiflu only for emergencies – Nicola RoxonMelbourne Herald Sun

Players overrule forfeit decision Red faces as boycott is boycotted by Broncos rugby league players- Sydney Daily Telegraph

Swine flu threat to AFL matchesThe Australian

SA’s first swine flu hospital caseAdelaide Advertiser

First NSW students sent home due to swine flu Sydney Daily Telegraph


Dokic sent to jail for a yearAdelaide Adveriser


Anna Bligh flouts state ALP policy to pursue abortion-drug chargeThe Australian

Criminal law

Child-sex trials put courts in chaosAdelaide Advertiser



New killer cocaine on the streets of SydneySydney Daily Telegraph

Cocaine use on the rise in AustraliaSydney Daily Telegraph

Queensland tops drug crime as addiction growsBrisbane Courier Mail

Australia’s truly closed shop of chemists – the suburban chemist has been turned into a multi-million dollar business able to charge high prices thanks to government rules that give pharmacists a monopoly on prescription medicine sale – Sydney Daily Telegraph

Sydney leads cocaine bingeSydney Morning Herald


Filthy restaurants to be named, shamedAdelaide Advertiser


Going grey? Blame the sunAdelaide Advertiser