Beer p-rn. Skinny Blonde beer have come up with a brilliant, if not completely inappropriate, gimmick for their product — vanishing bikini tops for their beer labels. When the temperature of the beer rises, apparently bared breasts are revealed on the logo girl:

The interactive website is for those aged 18 and over and includes, how nice, pictures of real women in bikinis and thermometers. If you use your mouse to “raise the temperature” on the thermometer you get to see a little bit more. Skinny Blonde, all Australian brewers of beer and purveyors of p-rnography.

Question: does this break any advertising standards? — Eleri Harris

The Daily Show tour The New York Times. What’s black and white and red all over? Your balance sheets.

Reporters Without Borders condemn coverage of Iranian election. The Iranian election is today and Reporters Without Borders has released a statement denouncing the lack of balanced and independent coverage in the Iranian media. They say at least 15 journalists have been threatened for criticising the sitting government or expressing political opinion. The internet has also been censored with social networking sites including Facebook blocked in the lead up to the election. Reporters Without Borders have analysed media content of the campaigns and say the oppostion have had less than two hours to talk on national public radio and television, with reigning President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad enjoying ten times that. — Reporters Without Borders

Real IRA would kill me for revealing sources, journalist tells court. A Northern Ireland journalist under police pressure to reveal information about the Real IRA said today the dissident group was prepared to kill her if she co-operated. Suzanne Breen told the high court in Belfast the Real IRA was “more than capable” of murdering her and her family. The Sunday Tribune correspondent said she had received a warning about the price she would pay for passing on information. A contact connected to the Real IRA had told her: “You know what co-operation with the PSNI means.” This message, she said, could only represent a death threat to her and her family. — The Guardian

News Corp. forms diversity council after cartoon. News Corp. has agreed to form an external diversity council after meeting with civil rights groups about a New York Post cartoon that critics said likened President Barack Obama to a dead chimpanzee. The company will form a “diversity community council” in New York City that will meet with senior company executives twice a year, News Corp. and the NAACP said Wednesday. It also will include a statement of commitment to diversity in its annual report. — Associated Press

Poets write the news in Israel. It was on an average Wednesday that a very serious Israeli newspaper conducted a very wild experiment. For one day, Haaretz editor-in-chief Dov Alfon sent most of his staff reporters home and sent 31 of Israel’s finest authors and poets to cover the day’s news. The idea behind the paper’s June 10 special edition was to honor Israel’s annual Hebrew Book Week, which opened the same day, by inviting Israeli authors to get away from their forthcoming novels and letting them bear witness to the events of the day. This wasn’t a Sabbath supplement, a chance to balance the news with extra color. This was a near complete replacement of the newspaper itself. — Jewish Daily Forward

The top 10 most absurd Time covers of the past 40 years. Since the British sociologist Stanley Cohen defined the moral panic phenomenon in the early 1970s as hysterical overreactions to imagined threats to social order, no publication has done a better (by which we mean worse) job of scaring the crap out of post-baby boomer America than Time , the top-selling newsweekly that’s dropping subscribers like the mythical meth mouth drops teeth. As a service to future historians of the long, slow death of the newsweekly, Reason offers this Top 10 list of the most horrifying, silly, irresponsible, or downright ridiculous Time cover panics from the past 40 years, starting with this one:


Rove: Dowd “twisted, deranged”. Former White House adviser Karl Rove lashed out at New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd on Fox News Channel Wednesday, saying Dowd was a “nasty, snarky person” with a “twisted, bitter little heart.” “I think Maureen Dowd is a bitter, twisted, deranged columnist for The New York Times who misses no opportunity to show her disdain for the conservative side of the aisle,” Rove said on Fox News Channel. “I actually went to an editorial board meeting at The New York Times and wasted a couple bucks on some flowers to give Maureen Dowd … give her a smile on her face. And that didn’t even work,” he recalled. “This is a dour, downbeat liberal.” — Politico

Three Thousand and other social media parasites. Corporate media types have an obsession with turning the service of delivering information into a coercive for profit business and furiously uphold their intellectual property rights. The irony is that while legacy media blames blogs and social media for copyright theft and the collapse of their profits, they are busy stealing the intellectual property of non-commercial content creators. — Fitzroyalty

Travelling through time with the Sydney Morning Herald. From tomorrow’s edition: