And once more did the queen hie her forth to make progresse through her kingdom the better to see the greate works wrought in her name.

And wondrous it was the sight of her fiery locks blazing as the morning sonne, her body all in raiment of fine clothe and sensible heels.

So massy was her retinue that the last of them wold be still a-shaking of hands with the local worthies while yet the first of them sat down to banquet. Of comestibles consumed it were said truly that whole cocoa-nut groves were felled and cacao beans aplenty harvested in the making of the local lamington.

For tho the journeying be arduous — it giveth new meaning to whistlestop — it did the people sore good to clap eyes on their Gloriana. The miracle were complete when they did hear her speak. “One point four billion,” quoth she and like it was they had heard an angel speak. “One point four billion,” the queen did iterate for the hard of hearing and those still counting it out on their fingers.

The people groaned at the weight of suche generosity. “Ooh,” they sayeth, “aah.” E’en tho the gift be the people’s own tithes and tributes counted out in pennies and the labourer’s mite. Still in the minde’s eye they saw towers of gold — galvanised iron and clinker brick at any rate — raised up by utterance alone. Such is the power of majestie.

Gloriana beamed and it was the signal for the attendant lords and ladies in waiting to mirror their queen so that a subject of the realm might be blinded by the acreage of teeth wonderfully white. Cameras caught the light in grabbes and bites and later the people would sit down to a rustic supper in fronte of the telle and be amaz-ed at the spectacle of so many smiling zanies.

“I was there,” an antient, bent of age, would tell of the day the radiant queen came amongst them and spake. The sapling youth doth hearken and believe that in those days that there were giants surely. For evidence is a plaque on the verry spot where Gloriana stood. Here did Our Gracious Queen Julia bestowe largesse. This Multi-Purpose Educational Module giveth glory to her name.