The Winners. Seven News was tops with 1.596 million people, with Today Tonight second with 1.491 million. Nine’s Getaway was third at 7.30pm with 1.369 million. Ten’s MasterChef Australia at 7pm averaged 1.323 million. Nine News was fifth with 1.263 million and A Current Affair was next with 1.230 million. Grey’s Anatomy on Seven at 8.30pm averaged 1.174 million and finished just in front of 20 to 1 on Nine with 1.159 million. The 7pm repeat of Two and a Half Men averaged 1.126 million Home and Away averaged 1.118 million in 10th spot, Ghost Whisperer on Seven at 7.30pm, 1.111 million for the hour. Ten News averaged 1.034 million and The Footy Shows averaged a combined 1.013 million for Nine at 9.30pm. Inspector Rex on SBS at 7.30pm, 354,000, Mad Men 231,000. Law and Order CI at 8.30pm on Ten, 907,000.

The Losers. Rules of Engagement, episode two at 8pm, 771,000. That was down 96,000 from the first episode at 7.30pm that averaged 867,000. Medium on Ten at 9.30pm, 806,000. Barely there, even for Ten. Private Practice at 9.30pm on Seven, 840,000.

News & CA. Seven News again won nationally and in every market but Melbourne. Normality returned at 6.30pm and Today Tonight won everywhere, reversing the losses in Sydney and Melbourne on the two previous nights. The 7pm ABC News averaged 951,000. It seems to be a major casualty of the increasing success of MasterChef on Ten. The 7.30 Report averaged 926,000. Lateline, 286,000, Lateline Business, 144,000. Ten’s Late News/Sports Tonight averaged 324,000. Nine’s Late News, 364,000 (after The Footy Shows). 6.30pm SBS News, 232,000. The 9.30pm edition, 190,000. 7am Sunrise, 375,000, 7am Today, 303,000.

The Stats. Nine won with a share of 30.0% (30.1% last week) from Seven with 26.8% (27.3%), Ten on 22.2% (20.2%), the ABC with 15.6% (16.4%) and SBS with 5.3% (5.9%). Seven won Sydney and Adelaide. Nine won Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. Seven leads the week, 27.2% to Nine with 26.4% from Ten with 25.6%. In regional areas, WIN/NBN won with 30.1% from Prime/7Qld with 27.3%, Southern Cross (Ten) with 20.2%, the ABC with 16.4% and SBS with 5.9%.

Glenn Dyer’s comments. Nothing really stood out except the fact that it was a cold night in some parts of the country — Getaway always works better in winter with the nice sunny places they travel — very few of us go overseas for the cold. It’s a tired, but tried formula that works. The million plus audience average for the Footy Shows from 9.30pm to 11pm was the difference for Nine, as it is most Thursday nights in winter.

TONIGHT: Football (who cares about the cricket) in AFL and Swine flu, sorry NRL. Silent Witness on the ABC if you’re not into footy, Better Homes and Gardens on Seven. Law and Order on Ten after So You Think You Can Dance (The US original).

SATURDAY NIGHT: Rugby Union on Seven (Australia vs. Italy), NRL on Foxtel, AFL on Ten plus movies. Wipeout Australia pops up on Nine at 7.30pm. It’s a flop. It failed on Tuesday nights at 7.30pm, that’s why it’s in this slot on the lowest viewing night of the week. Seven also has a movie, as does Nine. There’s 20/20 cricket on Nine in the early hours again. New Tricks on the ABC at 7.30pm would be the only thing to watch, apart from football, if you are a fan.

SUNDAY: Talk and chat in the morning, football in the afternoon (NRL and AFL). Sunday Night on Seven at 7.30pm the parrot (AKA Al Jones, 2GB talker) is in interview. Usually he speaks to Nine, has there been a falling out? Border Security USA — which is not interesting — The Force, Bones and Castle. Nine starts Random Acts of Kindness, complete with cameras and publicity machine, so not so random? 60 Minutes, CSI (which is dying, quick, get the DNA of the killer) and CSI Miami. Ten will do well with Merlin, MasterChef Australia and Rove. The highlight of the week could be on the ABC at 8.30pm: 3 Acts of Murder. Watch it. And, no The Chaser isn’t involved. Dateline on SBS at 8.30pm.

Source: OzTAM, TV Networks reports.