Surely there comes a point, both in terms of the dignity of the office he holds and in not giving these stories more oxygen, where the Prime Minister should refrain from accepting invitations to comment on every minor media issue that briefly occupies the front page of the Daily Telegraph?

Gordon Ramsay, The Chaser’s war on sick kids, Bill Henson last year — are all topics that Kevin Rudd thought warranted his commentary. Rudd’s conservative social views are well-known, but they also happen to align quite nicely with those of most voters, which is the real reason the Prime Minister seems to be so eager to offer them.

If the Prime Minister wants to lower the tone of his Prime Ministership to tabloid level, here are some questions that he should answer at his next press conference:

What does he think of young, impressionable Australian school girls seeing Britney Spears live?

Should Jordan and Peter Andre stay together for the kids?

Should Ryan Stokes dump Jodi Gordon?

How about that Home and Away s-x tape anyway?

Should our cricketers get a pay rise when they’re such DUDS?

Miranda Kerr — how about those marriage rumours?

You’re supposed to be national leader, not Talkback Host-In-Chief, Kevin.