It is mornings like this one that help explain the difficulty newspapers have in remaining the principal source of news for people. To put it simply, events overnight passed the printing deadlines by. In Australia, the racial tensions involving the Indian community reached a new high. In Pakistan the spreading conflict with Moslem militants saw another deadly bomb blast.


Indians rally as suburb seethesSydney Morning Herald website

Suicide attack on Pakistani hotelBBC News

Seven dead, 34 injured in Peshawar PC hotel blastDawn, Pakistan

090610ageweikghtlossPM snaps at tacky intrusionMelbourne Age



Economic matters

Unemployment rate to soar as spending runs outMelbourne Herald Sun

Still tough out there for job huntersMelbourne Herald Sun

Business confidence boosted by budgetMelbourne Age

Racial violence

Harris Park – tensions in a racial melting potSydney Daily Telegraph

Indians rally as suburb seethesSydney Morning Herald

Students call on Indian PM to interveneMelbourne Age

Some attacks on Indians are racial, Australian cop admitsTimes of India

Health and hospitals

Queensland’s $6b hospitals plan full of holesBrisbane Courier Mail

Public service cutbacks to hurt SA healthAdelaide Advertiser

Longer waits for surgery put pressure on PMThe Australian

Industrial relations

Union member facing jail for failing to attend hearingAdelaide Advertiser


Unions recruit high school students for $10 a monthSydney Daily Telegraph


Unions split over building watchdogThe Australian

Third state signs on for national IR laws – Tasmania has joined South Australia and Victoria in handing over its industrial relations powers to the commonwealth but NSW and Queensland remain non-committal about embracing uniform national workplace laws – The Australian

Review call after pay rush – unions are demanding that Julia Gillard step in and ensure Fair Work Australia reviews wage deals that impose a non-union collective agreement and that have been deliberately rushed in before Labor’s workplace laws take effect next month. – The Australian

A hint of strange things

Xenophon ups pressure for SA corruption probeAdelaide Advertiser

Lib calls ministers ‘convicted criminals’Melbourne Age reports that a senior Victorian shadow minister has been accused of misleading voters after his column in a Chinese-language newspaper said Planning Minister Justin Madden and former police minister Andre Haermeyer were convicted criminals. The shadow minister says it is the result of a mistranslation

Political life

Labor prepares for election with new ministry line-upSydney Morning Herald

Brown support pours in – pledges of assistance have poured into the offices of Greens leader Bob Brown to help pay legal costs demanded by Forestry Tasmania – Hobart Mercury

There’s no ‘we’, Terry – Country Liberal Party’s dreams of an alliance with renegade Independent Marion Scrymgour have been dashed after she accused the Opposition of being childish – Northern Territory News

Frank Sartor’s grand vision for a decaying stateThe Australian

Sartor shy on run at Premier – Sydney Morning Herald


Labor’s largesse to private primary schoolsThe Australian

Future depends on Asian languages The Australian reports a claim that the country risks being marooned in the dated jobs and industries of the 20th century unless a $11.3 billion mass Asian language literacy plan is acted on within a generation


Brutal truth about attacks – Paul Sheehan in the Sydney Morning Herald writes that the distorted story of white racism has been helped along by the prevailing sensibilities of reporting of crime in Australia, with skittishness about detailing the gritty reality that most violent street crime in Sydney and Melbourne is not committed by whites. The attacks on Indians have followed this pattern, with the crimes committed by a polyglot mix reflecting the streets – white, Asian, Middle Eastern, Aboriginal, Pacific Islander.

Give the first lady a break – Kathleen Cuthbertson in the Melbourne Herald Sun looks at the Therese Rein style

I’d rather be Tasered than shot – Rhett Watson in the Sydney Daily Telegraph on the debate bout police use of taser stun guns

Defence needs defending from the blame game cycle – writes Peter Costello in the Sydney Morning Herald

Let’s not fight racism with more racism – Joseph Wakim in the Sydney Morning Herald

Unions’ battle for relevancy – Paul Kelly in The Australian

A nation of paupers – Janet Albrechtsen in The Australian writes that when pundits start framing tax reform in moral terms, you know something’s awry. Their belief in taxing the wealthy has become an article of faith, not a matter for rational analysis.


A hint of strange things

Democrats Try to Reverse G.O.P. Coup in New York State Senate – two dissident Democrats bucked their party’s leaders and joined with 30 Republican senators to upend the agenda in Albany, where Democrats had assumed power in the Senate in January, with 32 seats, after more than 40 years in the minority. Democrats were pushing bills to give tenants more rights, strengthen abortion rights and legalize same-sex marriage this session. – New York Times

090610nytabloidsGovernor Paterson won’t leave New York amid Senate revoltNew York Post

GOP coup in Albany: Senators Hiram Monserrate and Pedro Espada Jr. vote against fellow DemocratsNew York Daily News

Economic matters

090610latimesobamaeconomyObama confronts doubts on stimulus, vows faster spendingLos Angeles Times

PM projects 7 per cent growth in FY’10; says not good enoughThe Hindu



Rio and BHP’s savings to double from merger – could reach $20 billion – The Australian

Telstra pledge to be friendlyAdelaide Advertiser

Millions wiped out by church gambles – the world’s richest and largest Anglican diocese has lost more than $100 million on the stockmarket and is investigating ways to cut programs and ministries across Sydney reports the Sydney Morning Herald

US warns on Chrysler liquidation riskFinancial Times of London


090610agesolarGarrett pulls plug on solar – generous rebate scheme ends abruptly – Melbourne Age

Rudd Government MPs’ in hybrid ‘green wash’ – MPs’ spurning of green cars in favour of petrol guzzlers is climate change hypocrisy, the Opposition says – Melbourne Herald Sun

Industry urges ETS hold ‘until cost is known’ The Australian

Plan to combat global warming? Pie in the sky – A cap-and-trade system to reduce carbon is too expensive, won’t work and potentially rife with corruption. – Jonah Goldberg in the Los Angeles Times


Newspapers digital in 10 years: MurdochMelbourne Age

Gordon Ramsay ‘new form of low life’ says PM Kevin RuddAdelaide Advertiser

Gordon Ramsay a form of low life, says Kevin RuddBrisbane Courier Mail

090610dailymailcampaign1Hallelujah for justice: Real IRA bombers killed their loved ones. But 11 years on, Omagh families prove people CAN beat the terrorists London Daily Mail




Brave new world of PM slangAdelaide Advertiser



PM’s wife Therese Rein – how she lost 25kgWoman’s Day

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s wife Therese Rein upping anteMelbourne Herald Sun tells of plan to climb Mt Kilimanjaro

Swine flu

Is This a Pandemic? Define ‘Pandemic’ – as the new H1N1 swine influenza virus spreads from continent to continent, it is clear that a useful definition is far more complicated and elusive than officials had thought writes Lawrence K. Altman MD in  The New York Times

Swine flu threatens Brisbane Broncos game against BulldogsBrisbane Courier Mail

Sexual matters

Kids told ‘lie to get pill’ Northern Territory News