Kudos to The Australian‘s Amanda Meade for seeing the Gordon Ramsay/Tracy Grimshaw face-off as an opportunity:

Gordon Ramsay has done Tracy Grimshaw a favour.

For years the unmarried host of A Current Affair has been subjected to a whispering campaign that she is a closet lesbian.

At one stage unnamed sources linked her to fellow Channel Nine personality Deborah Hutton, and at the height of the gossip a few years back Grimshaw had to put up with a high profile paparazzo trailing her from Channel Nine to her home in the hope of catching her with a woman.

Now at last, Ramsay’s absurd outburst on the weekend, in which he said she wasn’t only old and ugly but a lesbian to boot, has given her a chance to confront the rumour head on and end it. “For the record”, she said “I’m not”.

Amanda, we think you might have left off the obligatory “not that there’s anything wrong with that”.