Political life

Bill may fell Greens chief – Unless Greens leader Bob Brown finds almost a quarter of a million dollars in the next three weeks he will be out of the Senate reports the Melbourne Age

Legal bill may cost Bob Brown his seat The Australian

Ludwig to keep bastards honest – promises to maintain the good work of his predecessor by new Cabinet Secretary – Melbourne Age

Workout shots irk Kevin Rudd – Melbourne”s Herald Sun reports Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is believed to be upset about a magazine photo spread of his wife, Therese Rein, taken without her permission during a private gym session.

Cost of South Australian MP chauffeured vehicles skyrocketsAdelaide Advertiser

Diplomatic life

Vatican’s man Tim Fischer costs Australia millionsSydney Daily Telegraph finds taxpayers will pay $372,000 a year to rent a flat and office space in Rome for the new ambassador to the Vatican, former deputy prime minister Tim Fischer.


Labor lays ground for sale of Medibank Sydney Morning Herald

A hint of strange things

Huge land deals ‘illegal’ – says advice to NSW Planning Minister as reported by the Sydney Morning Herald. Companies involved have been big donors to Labor Party election funds.

NSW RailCorp boss escorted from her office by security – RailCorp chief information officer Vicki Coleman has been stood down after allegations were made to ICAC reports the  Sydney Daily Telegraph


Sartor and Della Bosca target NSW Premier Rees – the Sydney Morning Herald reports on the leadership challenge speculation


In times of trouble, politicians will hunker down in a bunker – A security control centre is being considered for a bunker cut deep into the rock under Canberra’s Parliament House – Sydney Morning Herald


French in the lead to run Sydney ferry serviceSydney Morning Herald


Mental health linked to dietary habitsSydney Morning Herald



Minimum time set for key primary school subjects – Adelaide Advertiser

It’s time to pass the buck – Education Minister Julia Gillard today will reveal projects approved under the Rudd Government’s $1.4 billion education boost reports the Melbourne Herald Sun


Kevin Rudd urged to tackle extremistsThe Australian

Industrial relations

Top union official hits out at GillardMelbourne Age

AWU chief Paul Howes blasts government ‘stormtroopers’The Australian

SA Government signs up for national IR systemSydney Daily Telegraph

CFMEU’s involvement may scupper Victorian state ALP pact to heal factional splitThe Australian


Hardheads set to whip defence into lineSydney Morning Herald


Health groups want ban on junk-food marketing ploysMelbourne Age


Health card plan sparks privacy concernsMelbourne Age



Share crash forces superannuation reformThe Australian


Kevin Rudd’s plan for Australia as diplomatic powerhouse to cost millions – Ian McPhedran in the Sydney Daily Telegraph adds up the cost of new diplomatic initiatives that are part of Australia’s campaign for a seat on the Security Council

Kevin Rudd to strike while numbers are hot – Malcolm Colless in The Australian reckons that the options available to the Rudd Government to pay off debt are fraught with political and economic dangers

Gillard and Bligh fight the counter-revolution – writes Lenore Taylor in The Australian



Opposition poll throws doubt on Indonesian President’s re-election ‘cakewalk’Melbourne Age

Lebanese say no to HezbollahThe Australian

Humility wins the day for Gordon Brown as MPs back downLondon Times


Result a disaster for social democrats – Greg Sheridan in The Australian reviews the European parliamentary election.



Worst of financial crisis over, says Bank for International Settlements – Melbourne Age

Bank of England to extend quantitative easing – Financial Times of London

Nobel Winner Krugman Sees U.S. Recession Ending Soon – Bloomberg


Tempers flare as scientists defend the solar debateSydney Morning Herald reports some reaction to comments by Senator Steve Fielding on the cause of global warming

China calls on substantial co-op with U.S. on climate changeXinhua


Green wedges threatened – Brumby tackled on urban sprawl – Melbourne Age


Stretching the truth: When magazines are less than truthful – Sydney Morning Herald

Obama and the tactics of truth – Gerard Henderson gives yours truly Richard Farmer a little touch up in passing in the Sydney Morning Herald
Apple unveils new version of iPhone – Company cuts price of 3G model to $99 – Financial Times of London



090609chicagocyclingA heads-up from the ‘helmet lady’Chicago Sun Times

Sexual harrassment

Stuart faces claims as Zappia stands down – A rugby league chief executive stands down and the woman involved says she was questioned by the Cronulla coach Ricky Stuart after filing her sexual harassment case reports the Sydney Morning Herald

Racial violence

Indian man assaulted in Harris ParkSydney Morning Herald

Legal aid

Legal aid centres struggling Melbourne Age

Swine flu


Swine flu panic hits NRL gamesSydney Daily Telegraph

Rugby league king-hit by swine flu The Australian


Mums beg for milkAdelaide Advertiser

The sexes

Men-only clubs get Rudd cold shoulder The Australian

Horse racing

Animal rights protesters jump on racegoersThe Australian