090605australian$24.4bn Chinalco deal with Rio Tinto is deadThe Australian

Rio finally abandons its friendless deal – London Financial Times



Political Death

090605ageRudd’s first casualty – Judases brought me down – Melbourne Age

General’s evidence triggers the end game for his chief – how evidence to a Senate committee led to the ministerial resignation – Melbourne Age

First blood: Rudd loses ministerSydney Morning Herald

Shamed Joel Fitzgibbon slams ‘Judases’ for his demiseMelbourne Herald Sun

Joel Fitzgibbon blames ‘Judases’ for dramatic demiseThe Australian

Labour teeters as Scrymgour jumps shipNorthern Territory News

Political life


This possum tormented NSW politiciansSydney Daily Telegraph

Freed miner to try hand at politics – Beaconsfield miner seeking Labor Party pre-selection – Melbourne Age

Economic conditions

Economists take swipe at Turnbull over debtMelbourne Age

Economy is looking resilient: RBA chiefSydney Morning Herald

RBA wary of rate cut as home buyers pile on debtThe Australian

Privatisation battle shifts to NSW LotteriesSydney Morning Herald


SA State Budget 2009 – Kevin Foley slashes for surplusAdelaide Advertiser

A hint of strange things

Rudd attacked over car dealer tiesMelbourne Age

Kevin Rudd under fire over free uteBrisbane Courier Mail

Turnbull offensive goes up a gear over PM’s free uteSydney Morning Herald

Police Minister denies ‘collusion’ over BracksMelbourne Age report on political phone calls to police about a then Premier’s son

NSW RailCorp under new graft scrutinySydney Morning Herald

Industrial relations

Gillard at risk of contemptMelbourne Age reports on a reaction to some words to trade unions by the deputy PM


Jail, fines for digging up power linesSydney Morning Herald

Public service

NSW DOCS workers are in despair over horror cases and stress Sydney Daily Telegraph


Bored with economic miracles? Try this sacrificial offering – Tony Wright in the Melbourne Age on a ministerial resignation

Halo slips from the crown of St Kevin – Peter Hartcher in the Sydney Morning Herald

Joel Fitzgibbon a victim of his own mistakes – Michael Harvey delivers his verdict in the Melbourne Herald Sun

Opposition reclaims question time’s utility – Annabel Crabb in the Sydney Morning Herald on a day when questions meant something


Opposition attack on Rudd’s free ute perk misses mark – Dennis Atkins in the Brisbane Courier Mail has a look at the politics of attacking political perks

Defence not best option for a long-term political career – Daniel Fitton on the perils of Defence – Melbourne Age

Fitzgibbon only has himself to blame – Patrick Walters in The Australian

A lesser evil than lingering scandal – writes Lenore Taylor in The Australian about the forced resignation

Sacked minister had no defence in latest embarrassing skirmish writes Andrew Bolt in the Melbourne Herald Sun

A union no more: Rudd and co. have claimed the upper hand – Michelle Grattan in the Melbourne Age sees the reality as clear. Unions and the Government are feeling mutual disgruntlement and resentment. The unions think they helped bankroll Labor to power and are not getting enough in return. The Government believes the unions whinge too much, and should concentrate on what has been delivered.

Environmental decay is bad for your health – Paul Sinclair on faults in the planned emissions trading scheme – Melbourne Age

Rights charter like a dead parrot – Bob Carr in the Sydney Morning Herald writes that more judicial review, or judge-made law, is the last thing Australia needs. So nobody should be distressed that the push for an Australian charter of rights is exhausted.

Unions putting ALP into reverse – Michael Costa writes in The Australian how unions may play a useful role for Labor in opposition but they are a destabilising liability in government.


Barack Obama reaches out to Muslim worldThe Australian

Obama reaches out to Muslim world BBC News

Varying Responses to Speech in Mideast Highlight DivisionsNew York Times


Why Ben Bernanke is right to be worried – Mohamed El-Erian in the London Financial Times



Rio walks away from China dealMelbourne Age

$24.4bn Chinalco deal with Rio Tinto is dead – The Australian

Rio Tinto rolls out ‘plan B’ over Chinalco deal The Australian


State’s deal fails to calm water fight – Victoria and problems over water in the Murray – Melbourne Age

States claim they will lose from ETS schemeThe Australian

Land use war: two tribes dig in – An attempt to preserve farmland from coal miners in the Hunter fails – Sydney Morning Herald


Sale of Ten Network stake more likely as CanWest options narrow – Sydney Morning Herald

Uproar at Chaser skit on sick children forces ABC rethinkThe Australian

Australian TV viewers declare war on The ChaserSydney Daily Telegraph



Police boss slams liquor laws – under Victoria’s liquor licensing regime “literally any idiot” could get a licence. – Melbourne Age

Tourists warned after Bali’s local drink kills 25Melbourne Age

Andrew Symonds sent home for new booze breachThe Australian

Racist attacks

Shane Warne slams racist attacks on Indian studentsMelbourne Herald Sun

Swine flu

Experts warn against ‘swine flu parties’Melbourne Age

Airlines step up cabin cleaning in wake of fluSydney Morning Herald

States at odds over swine flu tactics The Australian


Why copyright law may be going to the dogs – Richard Ackland in the Sydney Morning Herald