From an ABC press release today:

Statement from Kim Dalton, Director of ABC TV and Julian Morrow, Executive Producer The Chaser’s War on Everything

The Chaser’s War on Everything is a satirical program aimed at provoking debate and providing social commentary on topical issues, current affairs and public life in general.

The sketch in last night’s show called ‘Making A Realistic Wish Foundation’ was a satirical sketch and black comedy.

The ABC and The Chaser did not intend to hurt those who have been affected by the terminal illness of a child. We acknowledge the distress this segment has caused and we apologise to anyone we have upset.

As a result, ABC TV will edit the segment out of tonight’s repeat screening on ABC2 and on-line.

In that spirit Crikey would like to apologise for the forthcoming article: ‘Terminal cancer kiddies are sick bludgers’.

However, it needs to he pointed out that every year dying children cost this nation hundreds of millions of dollars in Disneyland trips, meetings with leading sportspeople and visits from high class escorts for ‘teen terminals’. We would be remiss in our mission if we did not expose the rorts perpetrated on the public purse by these children often for months at a time. Or weeks. Or days.

The Chaser was completely correct to extend their satirical scope to this privileged group of Australians, some of whom don’t even have to go to school everyday, and get to wear hats — satire is about challenging the powerful, the privileged and the corrupt and so in respect of sick and dying children, mmm, hey, look, geese!

We are confident the Chaser will continue in its fearless mission — of building a multi-million dollar comedy brand on public funds by desperately stringing out a third series absent of ideas using cheap shock and outrage. We support them in their mission of breaking through the barriers put up against well-connected Sydney University law students by “the man”. If feelings of a few dying children are allowed to stand in the way of that, well it’s clear you — and they — have no sense of humour.