The stacks continue. Extensive and apparently systemic rorting of ALP membership rules have rolled on, despite the Brimbank scandal and the spotlight on George Seitz's activities within the Victorian ALP. Two non-aligned ALP figures have revealed that as recently as last Friday, there was widespread and blatant violations of ALP membership guidelines as the party's deadline for membership renewal neared. Eric Dearricott, the Secretary of the party's weak-on-numbers but strong-on-morals Independents group, and offsider John Lannan attended ALP head office in King Street and provided a scathing account to colleagues of what they observed, including bulk payments, frequent breaches of payment guidelines and inconsistent application of the party's rules ostensibly intended to prevent branch-stacking.

Dearricott and Lannan will now seek to challenge renewals that were non-compliant with party rules, which astonishingly formed the majority of the renewals made on the day at ALP Head Office.