I have seen the future of the Grand Old Party and his name is Adnan Barqawi.

America now needs to look to change its Constitution to allow the most impressive young man I have seen in my life — one Adnan Barqawi — run for President. And I say that after just from one speech. A big call I know, but some thought the future was Arnie, but this guy runs rings around the Governor of California.

Think back to Obama’s speech at the Democratic National Convention in 2004, while just a junior State Senator from Illinois and you get the picture — times 10. I’ve heard, read, seen and written plenty of speeches in my time but this one blew even the most cynical away. Adnan’s main message encouraged natural born Americans to re-evaluate the choices they made in this past election.

The Republican Party of Virginia held their State Convention this past weekend and I attended along with almost another 11,000, all packed into the Coliseum in the Capitol of the Confederacy. Being a Virginian, you are not allowed to take in a water bottle but were waved through with your guns. No problem there. Perfectly fine to bring in a couple of Smith & Wessons into a packed auditorium with the next Governor, but as one bumper sticker for sale said “Ted Kennedy’s car has killed more people than my guns”. Long live the Second Amendment, but hold the Evian.

There is much chatter about the death of the Republican Party. Utter nonsense.

Cadet Corporal Barqawi completely outclassed every other speaker at Convention including former Presidential candidate Governor Mitt Romney who is the darling of the Right. That other darling of the Right, Fox News Channel media self-styled superstar Sean Hannity was billed as the main attraction. Not to mention former Governors Allen and Gilmore, Republican Whip in the House, Eric Cantor, amongst others including the next Governor, Lt. Governor and Attorney General.

And Adnan. Adnan is only 21-years-old and has been in the States for just over four years. No one had heard of him, but now he’s the talk of the town. He is the buzz du jour. All anyone could say was “it’s a shame he cannot run for the Oval Office because he is foreign born”. Wags say, “well if Obama can do it …” But I’m not getting into the whole fake birth certificate theory.

A descendent of Palestinians born in Kuwait and a new citizen of the USA (as of April), Mr Barqawi gave a speech that came completely out of the blue and ‘twas red meat to the assembled masses. It was not, however, some sort of right wing diatribe. It was nuanced, thoughtful, inspiring and it made you smile.

Too many people in the Republican Party hark back to President Reagan when it suits them, but I have to say this — Adnan Barqawi IS Reaganesque; elegant, witty, charming, obviously highly intelligent but humble with it and respect thrown in for good measure. He is quite a package.

Some quotes from his speech:

Impossible is nothing but a small word thrown around by little men who would rather live in a world that is handed to them rather than explore the opportunities that they have before them.

I have learned the meaning of individual responsibility. That no one is in charge of my welfare except myself.

I have learned that diversity is embracing your new culture rather than expecting the culture to embrace you.

Music to conservative ears.

Adnan had so many standing ovations it was hard to count. He lit a fire amongst folks who are looking for a way forward from the wilderness that was the Obamamania election — those Americans who cannot quite believe what happened November last. Republicans who wake up each morning to President Obama on the Today show and are in denial that this is now THEIR President.

It is not true that the Republican Party is a party of old white men in navy suits, but it almost is. Governor Sarah Palin, Governor Bobby Jindal and Congressman Anh Cao prove that the GOP is becoming more inclusive as they should if it wants to remain relevant and somewhat electable.

Next year’s mid- term Congressional elections will be a referendum on President Obama, though the first referendum will be in the Commonwealth of Virginia — one of only two states to hold gubernatorial and State-wide elections this year. Whilst candidates will undoubtedly run primarily on State issues, it is an obvious opportunity for those voters in Virginia and New Jersey to see whether they have buyer’s remorse on voting for “change” and want to change back. Those “swinging voters” who got caught up in Obamamania are now wondering what it is that they actually signed up for.

We shall see this November. If I was running the Republican Party of Virginia, I would have Cadet Corporal Adnan Barqawi out front and center.

(At time of writing the best place to see his speech is www.crystalclearconservative.com)