Was in Adelaide on Saturday, enjoying lunch at central market (Gouger street) and was witness to, as were 100s of others, the police and Channel Seven, to what looked like a gathering of all the bikie gangs in SA. They and their bikes were parked from one end of the street to the other.

Whilst I was outside the cafe having a smoke I watched with amusement as the Channel Seven 4-wheel drive had stopped, mid flow traffic, causing a back up of cars behind to talk to one of the 100s of bikers while the solo police car sat about a metre away doing nothing.

I returned to Melbourne that evening and was very excited and looking forward to reading all about the enormous “turnout” of illegal (?) bikies on the internet, but guess what? Not a thing have I found. Nothing. Zip. Surely something like this would rate a mention, wouldn’t it? So why do you thing nothing has been reported. It was an awesome visual sight I can tell you. I enjoyed it!

Would someone please explain why the UK with three times the population of Australia, and only two thirds of the distance from the epicentre in Mexico, has only 229 cases of swine flu and Australia has 250?

The following link now appears as part on an image which includes the CFA logo and seems to be an automatically generated footer on emails generated by CFA personnel. Maybe they should wait till the end of the Royal Commission!


ABC Shops sold to Dymocks. Please put the staff who know out of our misery and make them make it public so we can plan our lives.

Re. Tips & Rumours Friday. I was also “very pleased to be invited to participate and share my views in some market research regarding the NSW Government’s planned Metro” yesterday. The Taverner Research is also being conducted at Rhodes shopping centre.

I also wanted to contribute and have my views put forward to the State government. I live at Gladesville and commute into Pyrmont each day and would LOVE to support a metro so I no longer have to drive along Victoria Rd each day. However I was ineligible for the survey as a journey from Gladesville to Pyrmont “is not long enough to make my views valid for the purposes of the survey”. So if it’s skewed against light rail and skewed against short metro journeys, what exactly is it skewed towards?

How 891 ABC Adelaide management could justify the Morning show on Friday 29 May is beyond belief. A competition winner gets to go fishing with Matt Abraham in the Gulf St. Vincent, and listeners are given running commentaries live from the boat ad nauseum all morning, while his gibbering little mate, Bevan holds the fort in the studio. We know they’re rating well… but this was self-indulgence taken to the limit.

News Ltd local Sydney papers, Cumberland and Courier are cutting drastically. Redundancies have been given out at Courier HQ in Alexandria and the powers that be are combing through the lists to see who to let go. The last EA and middle management was let go some months ago and now journalists are being cut back to the point that Central magazine has just one journalist and no plans to recruit any more. All journalists and production workers are on edge; the subs don’t care though, they’re all planning moving to England anyway.

Ask the New South Wales Workcover Authority, are they undergoing an internal investigation for their failure to take action to prevent vilification, harassment, child abuse and workplace s-x occurring on an industrial workplace at tax payers expense. The company is Newcastle based and a large NSW and Federal government approved supplier.

We’re always reading about how poorly resourced Fairfax papers are. How is it they have enough free time to send someone to a “Google conference” in San Francisco? They are at least man enough to admit that “Stephen Hutcheon is attending the San Francisco conference as a guest of Google” in Friday’s story but wouldn’t it be more productive and more relevant to their audience to have him in Sydney chasing up a few local stories instead of first hand reporting a tech story they could get off the wires?