As you’re no doubt aware, the Crikey website has undergone some serious renovations over the past month or so. It now offers more to subscribers than ever before.

And it gives you what many of you have asked for: a First Dog on the Moon gallery, Videos of the Day that have their own pages, a decent search function, story pages that can be emailed, printed and tweeted, and way less of the colour green. And that’s just for starters. We are working to make these links more obvious on the website.

You must be logged in to see all these things — otherwise our site won’t be able to distinguish you from the riff raff!

Quick links for the Crikey Daily Mail subscriber:

  • Help! Crikey explains some of the main features of the site and how to find them. It’s a very good place to start.
  • Past editions of the Daily Mail. The welcome box contains the past five editions of the Daily Mail. But for the mother load, our Daily Mail editions page is the place to go.
  • Every subscriber-only story. This page is where every exclusive Daily Mail story sits (once you’re logged in, you’ll also be able to see all the Daily Mail subscriber stories across the site) for you to comment on and converse about.
  • Every Crikey story! This page has subscriber-only stories, web stories, videos and more, all of it by Crikey.
  • First Dog On The Moon — he has his own kennel now (but unless you’re logged in you won’t be able to see his most recent cartoons. Exclusive First Dog is just one of the benefits of being a subscriber!).
  • Crikey Columns! A lot of the Crikey Daily Mail regulars are now sorted out into columns: favourites like Your Say (i.e. Comments, corrections, clarifications, and c*ckups), Tips and rumoursCrikey Clarifier, Guy Rundle, Wankley Awards, Glenn Dyer’s TV Ratings, Lessons in History, To Whom it May Concern and the return of Crikey‘s Breakfast Wrap. Again, most of this content is only available to subscribers.
  • Video of the Day. There’s now a dedicated page for this popular Crikey section, as well as our new Video Room.
  • Tip Crikey off! Crikey’s well-connected subscribers help us break stories all the time. If you’ve got something juicy to reveal, tell us (all anonymous of course)!

So, lots of stuff, how do I log in? Look for the “log in” link at the top right hand corner of the website. Use your Crikey user name (or email address) as well as your password to log in to the website:

If successful, the top right hand corner should look a little something like this, with a welcome box containing the past five email editions of Crikey:

The new Crikey webite is yours to enjoy. We hope you do. For the things that you don’t like (or do), let us know ([email protected]). A website is a constantly evolving thing and we plan on making it one of Darwin’s success stories.