Today is the day we really see how hypocritical elements of our media are.

The electronic age now means that shortly after someone in/on a live media setting says something they shouldn’t have, punters all over the globe can see or hear about it within minutes — be it the Chk-chk-boom girl, Clare Werbeloff, or former Hawthorn and West Coast coach Ken Judge and his unfortunate “…you’re bigger than Hitler’s gas bill” jibe to a co-commentator.

In the case of the latter, when it happens in a low-rating environment and is said by a low-profile media identity on the other side of the country, it denies those of us on the Eastern Seaboard who can’t think for ourselves the opportunity of being told what to believe by the media.

Thus to the best of my knowledge we haven’t had Patrick Smith, Caroline Wilson, Mike Sheahan, Jill Singer, Greg Baum, John Brumby, Neil Mitchell, Catherine Deveny, Kellie the former Hi-5 member who recently did a raunchy photo shoot for RALPH magazine, Jon Faine, Tim Lane, Sam Lane, Flinders Lane, Kevin Rudd, Robyn Riley, Tony Jones, Wendy Tuohy, Michael Leunig, Andrew Bolt, Rebecca Wilson, Michelle Grattan, the new teenage editor of The Monthy, Derryn Hinch, Caroline Overington, Media Watch nor even 9am with David and Kim give their thumping opinions about what Judge said and what our stance should be at the next dinner party if we were decent citizens.

(SEN presenters are excused as they haven’t been told what to think by the AFL yet.)

Of course it ultimately doesn’t matter that much because Judge — a decent man — unreservedly took back what he said on WA radio:

“I apologise — it was ridiculous and I should have put the brain into forward pattern before I opened my mouth,”

“I apologise if I have offended anyone, and it was not a very savory comment and one I am not really proud of.”

But here’s an exercise, had the unsavoury comment above been made by Sam Newman on the Footy Show, how many of the above named opinion makers would have had their two bobs’ worth on the issue?

And how many of them — plus others who would have chimed in from certain “groups” — would have started their mock-shock-horror response with, “I wasn’t watching it/didn’t see it/wouldn’t watch it but…”

But Ken Judge’s gaffe still is, of course, widely accessible and the fallout has been heard by many, many more through net and blog replays.

Which brings us to the sensational Chaser who returned to the screen last night in their usual style, reminding everyone that daylight is second when it comes to the best talents on Australian TV at present.

One of their sketches involved them manhandling a mannequin of Governor General Quentin Bryce. She was groped, dragged up a ladder, and after a few unsuccessful attempts, thrown over a fence.

Stand by. The hypocrisy Geiger counter is starting to make a funny noise.

“Racetrack” Ralphy Horowitz is a former producer at The Footy Show, (where most of his 9 years was as Sam Newman’s producer) the Sunday Footy Show, SEN & 3AW.

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