In what’s shaping up as a fascinating race between youth and experience, at about the halfway mark of this Parliament, Peter Dutton and Wilson Tuckey share the lead for the most number of times booted out of the House of Representatives Chamber. The young Queenslander Dutton has been sin-binned eight times, but veteran stayer and addled dotard Tuckey has managed six sin-binnings and two send-offs, including a “get out of Canberra free” suspension for three days.

(Here’s some footage of the master at work last year just to set the right tone:)


But neither man can feel comfortable, with Joe Hockey looming up like a star destroyer from Star Wars just behind with seven, although no longer being Manager of Opposition Business may cruel his chances of racking up some more. The now slimmed-down Bob Baldwin — has he used the same diet as Therese Rein? — Dennis “what global warming?” Jensen and Stuart “I have a very low profile” Robert are on five and there’s time enough if good enough.

A real bolter is that nice young chap Greg Hunt, who sits there looking entirely innocent but has been turfed out four times, more than higher-profile troublemakers like Andrew Laming and Alby Schultz.

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Special mention should also be made of Tasmanian man-mountain Dick Adams, who despite being a Government member has managed to be dispatched twice. Anthony Albanese — the Leader of the House — was kicked out along with Hockey when Harry Jenkins got jack of their incessant sniping at each other one morning last year.

As for Christopher Pyne — only four sin-binnings plus this week’s one-day send-off. Must do better.