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May 28, 2009

Magazines and TV shows just love a list!

A snapshot of our politicians in the current crop of exciting list journalism.

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2 thoughts on “Magazines and TV shows just love a list!

  1. paddy

    Let me list the ways….

    1. It’s really very funny.
    2. Wilson Tuckey and the cassowary is pure (double) gold.
    3. Phillip Ruddock as Nosferatu. (Who could resist, just add garlic.)
    4. Followed by Christopher Pyne as desert.
    5. And best of all…..It’s in English!! 🙂

  2. Dalziel

    Marbled Chocolate and Christopher Pyne?
    Thats just too weird. And why 78?!?

    Hey FD.
    I did a cartoon.
    Could you give a sort of worldly cartoonists eye over it?
    It probly unkosher to spruik like this, so you can delete this post at ‘moderation stage’ if you want…