May 27, 2009

Oils ain’t cocoa butter: the last word on Cadbury chocolate

An ex-supplier to Cadbury-Schweppes and owner of a flavour and fragrance company on Cadbury's claims about "real chocolate."

This ran in yesterday’s Crikey‘s “Tips and Rumours“:

From Cadbury’s website: “Real chocolate is made from cocoa and its ingredients include cocoa butter, an expensive part of the cocoa bean. Compound chocolate is made, instead, with vegetable oils and doesn’t have the same fine qualities.” So, is their new recipe which includes vegetable oils as well as cocoa butter a compound chocolate rather than milk chocolate? Or maybe they’ve invented a whole new variety! Are there any experts out there in Crikeyland who can shed some light on this?

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2 thoughts on “Oils ain’t cocoa butter: the last word on Cadbury chocolate

  1. Andrew Storrie

    If anyone has read books on the generally corrupt chocolate industry, such as “Bitter Chocolate” by Carol Off, this sort of dodgy practice is small beer compared with their support of child slavery and crushing of any independent opposition. All this is to keep the price of cacao beans as low as possible.
    They are running out of third world countries in which to grow their trees and exploit the local people.
    I wonder if they are going to use suet……… no, that would be too expensive. Maybe they could boil down some poor people?

  2. ngriffiths

    “Cadbury operates in the mass market, and is always under pressure to keep costs down. 5% vegetable oil would add up to substantial savings on cocoa butter and is something their class of customer wouldn’t notice.”
    Nice remark from anonymous supplier to Cadbury. Of course other Crikey readers may be a better class of customer than me. But I can’t help thinking I’d really like to avoid this supercilous git’s products in future.

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