May 26, 2009

Cut out and keep map to 26,000 clean energy jobs nationwide

The coal mining sector will grow strongly with or without an emissions trading scheme in place, writes John Connor.

In the midst of a recession and global financial crisis any piece of good news, you would have thought, would be welcomed.

Not so from the Minerals Council who in recent days have been trying desperately to find dark linings to paint on some otherwise quite silver clouds.

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21 thoughts on “Cut out and keep map to 26,000 clean energy jobs nationwide

  1. Joel B1

    That’s as nice a bit of satire as I’ve ever read. Still laughing!

  2. John Bennetts

    What’s with the Firefox/Mozilla graphics?

  3. denise allen

    And if Australian Governments of all persuasions embrace a Natural Fibre Industry especially industrial hemp – there will be thousands of more jobs as well. The NFI will save the forestry, paper and textiles industries across this country. All we need is the political will from Governments and unions.

  4. Stuart Moore

    Obscure how energy sector consultants ignore the best interests of the client by failing to advise:
    (a) that the key drivers of climatic variation are for all intents and purposes beyond the control of ‘joe average’,
    (b) that carbon dioxide is a relatively very minor player in this game relative to water vapour,
    (c) that the impact of increased carbon dioxide from present levels decreases logarithmically with increasing concentration,
    (d)that unless atmospheric carbon concentrations are reduced to very low levels, say below 100ppm which is arguably near impossible, there will no significant measurable impact on ‘climate’ distinguishable from the effects of much larger scale processes, and finally,
    (e) that carbon per se is NOT a poison (if it was we would all be dead because we are made of it!), so therfore,
    (f) the best thing to do is discard the whole ETS as proposed and concentrate on the REAL pollutants that are readily locatable on most Dangerous and Hazardous Goods listings.

  5. Joel B1

    The “clean” description is a bit of a misnomer. The two (2) existing Clean Green jobs in Hobart are at tips! (and they stink, I know, I live near one).

    Anyway on with the rant:

    Within 1 hour drive of Hobart (where I live, any further to drive and you may as well move to Melbourne or Sydney and get the benefits of a big city) there are three (3) existing landfill gas plants and one (1) wood biomass gas plant.

    They currently employ two (2) people. (And it must be a shit job, I live near one of those plants and the alarm is always going off at 3am in the morning, so up gets the worker in the freezing Hobart cold to go reset it at the tip)

    So that’s two (2) existing clean green jobs in Hobart both working at a tip. That’s it. There are two clean jobs in Hobart… There is another planned landfill biomass plant at Glenorchy tip, so one (1) more job there.

    Down south, in Huonville (50 min drive) there’s a planned native forest fed biomass plant that will employ 21 people. When Gunns wanted to set up some wood fed biomass plants like the one in Huonville the Greens here in Tasmania dismissed it as “ridiculous” (that’s from memory). They said “Gunns should leave the conservation to people who really care about the forests and planet”, so a nice bit of hypocrisy there from the Greens.

    Basically, I’m underwhelmed, three clean green jobs in the greater Hobart area, all at stinking landfills. Typical bl**dy green b*llshit.

  6. denise allen

    Joel B1 – the reason why there are so few “green” jobs in Tasmania is because you have a Government that is held captive to Gunns, the multi nationals and petro-chemical companies….and the Libs would be exactly the same if they were in power.

  7. Joel B1

    Oh no! this is too much!

    Just expanded the “map to our clean green future” and saw all these clean green projects up the Derwent Valley! That’s fantastic I thought, they look a bit familiar though..

    Hang on, I have heard of these before; Meadowbank, Cluny, Repulse, Catagunya, Wayatina, Liapootah, Tungatinah, Tarraleah and Nieterana.

    That’s right! they’re all existing Hydro Tasmania dams and power-stations. You know, like the ones the Greens won’t let us build anymore…

  8. Joel B1

    @Denise, did you read my comment about the Greens having a go at Gunns for wanting to build biomass plants, just like the one that’s on this map?

  9. Joel B1

    This is a real question, I’m curious…
    How many jobs in your area, on this map, that you would personally be prepared to do?

  10. Joel B1


    “because you have a Government that is held captive to Gunns, the multi nationals and petro-chemical companies”

    you forgot the Martians…

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