Oh, Piers, I don’t know how you do it, but you’ve done it again. You have this magical ability to take the week’s big story — no matter how disconnected it may be from politics — and somehow tie it negatively to Kevin Rudd.

Akerman begins his latest article by pondering the chk-chk BOOM girl phenomenon.

THE chk-chk BOOM phenomenon has made Clare Werbeloff a household name, courtesy of the internet.

(Actually, it was courtesy of Tim Blair, according to Andrew Bolt: “It’s made [Clare Werbeloff] instantly famous, thanks largely to Tim Blair.”)

Media students will study this incident for years and argue whether Werbeloff exploited the media in her desire for fame, or whether the media exploited her in its desire to bring as many eyeballs as possible to a particular website.

Fair point and excellent questions. But get ready because here comes the segue. Chk-chk

That the chk-chk BOOM phenomenon has played out on the national political scene here and in America and is continuing to affect the political direction of both nations seems to have escaped most media commentators, possibly because they support the aims of these left-leaning leaders.

Yet Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and US President Barack Obama are as much creations of the connected world as Werbeloff – and their agendas are far more destructive than a teenager’s desire for fame.


What follows is a rant about how politicians Piers dislikes (read: Rudd) use the media and the internet to manipulate the public, just like Clare Werbeloff.

Remember the computers for schoolchildren? Chk-chk BOOM.

Rudd’s claim that “I am not a socialist. I have never been a socialist and I never will be a socialist?” Chk-chk BOOM.

His claims not to know he was to attend a fundraiser with disgraced former WA premier Brian Burke? Chk-chk BOOM.

His lies about knowing nothing about the staged Kokoda Anzac Day Dawn Service? Chk-chk BOOM.

His statement denying plans to roll back the NT intervention? Chk-chk BOOM.

Lies about his mid-air meltdown when he couldn’t get the meal he demanded? Chk-chk BOOM.

The 75,000 jobs his cash splash would create? Chk-chk BOOM.

Denials his soft policy on boat arrivals has driven a new wave of people smuggling? Chk-chk BOOM.

Australia’s emissions trading system will save the Great Barrier Reef? Chk-chk BOOM.

Of course, people like John Howard would never chk-chk BOOM the public like Kevin Rudd.