The Sydney Morning Herald reported this morning that chat queen Kerri-Anne Kennerley (that’s @QUEENKAK in the Twitterverse) had bumped Stuff White People Like author Christian Lander from her show this week because KAK didn’t “get it”. Fair enough, KAK’s pretty ghetto. But Crikey understands Lander isn’t the only guest that’s been booted from the show this week.

On Sunday, this article appeared in the Fairfax Sunday Life magazine on the topic of “cougars”, that is, older women who seek out younger men.

The author, Doug Hendrie, was all teed up to appear on KAK’s Monday show, according to Fairfax insiders, who had worded up her producers prior to publication. But nothing has been heard since. What could possibly have prompted the rejection?

Amusingly, KAK has been the subject of a tongue-in-cheek whispering campaign this week run by Australian journalist Caroline Overington, claiming the very-married KAK had been “photographed” with a younger man — the exact same “cougar” phenomenon explored by Hendrie. Overington appeared on Monday’s show, seemingly in Hendrie’s place. Could KAK have been avoiding a “cougar” discussion because Overington was about to out her as one of the pack?

Unlikely. While Overington is no stranger to loose electronic communication, she appears to have been bizarrely promoting an upcoming Chaser episode involving KAK in an unholy trist on the ABC’s Ultimo rooftop.

Hendrie, it seems, may have been usurped not by scandal, but by the savvy marketing department at the ABC and its willing accomplice at the Oz.

Peter Fray

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