Caller Michael says the word politics comes from two Greek words meaning “many parasites,” and caller Nev says that he’ll put his faith in his “old Labrador bitches because they’re the only true believers left.” Yes, Media Monitors presents talkback’s take on Federal Budget 09:


Canberra Early Breakfast — Caller Penny advises she did not listen to the budget last night and states she is continually irked by people complaining about the lack of jobs being created by the government.

ABC 666 Canberra Early Breakfast — Caller John discusses the ABC receiving additional funding and feels the entire budget was pretty fair across the board. John also claim Matthew Johns has now passed his use by date.


2SM Mornings — Caller Ben says he does not agree with the Fed Govt about the benefits of its recent budget boost to the single aged pension where he claims inflation has risen by more than 3% He claims that Austn single aged pensioners are still at least six months behind, with no bi-annual CPI adjustment being made in March.

2UE Mornings — Caller Kev asks why so much of the budget is going to Sydney. Price says it isn’t.

2SM Mornings — Caller Warren jokes about Superman. He says he didn’t see last night’s Fed Govt budget speech. He says it is widely believed that Labor Fed Govts ‘stuff up the economy’ leaving it up to the Conservatives to then enter and repair the damage.

2UE Mornings — Caller Gus says he thinks Mike Baird will be premier of NSW. Gus says the federal budget isn’t as hard as it should be because an early election is coming.

2UE Mornings — Caller Jack says Everald Compton, National Seniors is an ‘interesting character’ and has an engineering plan that would take an entire infrastructure plan to all ports till Qld. Price says Compton does not have anyone listening. Jack says only a brave minister would do this. Price says water was not mentioned in the Federal Govt budget. Jack says there is an incentive for working beyond the current pension age such as $3000 and asks if this will continue. Jack agrees the Federal Govt budget does not have ‘hard decisions’. Price says hard questions are the ones that cost seats. Jack says they promised not to change medical rebates. Jack says there is a downturn in revenue and there are public service cuts but also increases.

2SM Mornings — Caller Rita says she is happy today to be living in Australia, although the recent Fed Govt budget largely doesn’t affect her lifestyle. She reads aloud from a draft strategic community plan for Warringah Council including changes to the local parking scheme, proposing metered parking, resident and business parking stickers and payment of $30 annually for each beach parking sticker which are currently distributed free with notices. She says this situation is not right because she is already a ratepayer. She calls on Warringah Council staff to reduce their wages instead.

2SM Mornings — Caller Bruce says prior to last night’s budget, the Fed Govt had initiated spending on some NSW rail projects in the Hunter Valley but he says there is still not enough provision on the north coast around Kempsey and Coffs Harbour. He says there is now a third freight line being constructed from Hornsby to Newcastle. Delaney says the Fed Govt is doing very little with rail projects in NSW, but billions will be spent on Melbourne’s metropolitan rail system. Bruce says Lismore needs a roundabout to be constructed near Lester (*) Creek.

2UE Breakfast — Caller Tony says Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey should explain what the Opposition would do instead when he talks about the budget.

2SM — Caller Charlie asks if the increase announced by the budget will cancel out the normal twice yearly costs of living pension increases. O’Neill says those increases will remain.

ABC 702 Sydney Breakfast — Caller Joan says she is not happy about increasing the pension age.

2UE Breakfast — Caller Michael says he has been a disability pensioner for almost 35 years and has Asperger’s disorder. He says the federal budget is historic because his social group has been a clear winner, with the higher end of town a clear comparative loser.


4BC Morning Show — Caller Tony says that he thinks that the Budget was gutless and that the country has a massive debt now. Tony says that there is no way he would let his grandson or any of his children to listen, read or watch Matthew Johns.

ABC 612 Brisbane Mornings — Caller Andrew says he is a small business owner and says he has seen nothing in the fed budget to incentivise him. Andrew says since PM Kevin Rudd has been in power it has been more difficult for him to manage his workforce because of changes to industrial relations laws and says there is no incentive for him to employ an extra person and is no debt relief or economic stimulus assistance.

Caller Joy says she would like to know where the bulk of the money is being borrowed from.

Caller Mary says the basic wage should have gone up in the budget, saying her bus driver husband earns $17 an hour.


3AW Mornings — Caller Adrian says he has found a hole in Kevin Rudd’s Budget. He says he received his stimulus payment on Friday for the second time. He mentions he received the payment via Centrelink and says he will not tell anyone. He says he is aware of one other person who also received the $900 bonus twice. Mitchell invites calls on the matter.

ABC 774 Melbourne Mornings — Caller Julian says he is extremely cynical about the Fed Govt’s budget. He explains he is a sole trader and did not bother watching it as he does not believe the Govt can run the economy. Julian says the RBA really runs the economy and is unelected.

ABC 774 Melbourne Mornings — Caller Sue agrees the Fed Govt budget is a pre election double dissolution budget. She says there is no other way out of the endless nay saying of the Fed Oppn and Senator Steve Fielding, Family First. Faine recalls Lindsay Tanner, Federal Minister for Finance, last month said Austns hate early elections. Sue says Tanner is a credible spokesperson but still a politician. Virginia Trioli, ABC broadcaster, says some forecast an election in March 2010. Trioli comments many on either side of politics agree Tanner is one of the most credible politicians. The comperes comment Wayne Swan, Federal Treasurer, was more convincing in his budget delivery last night.

3AW Mornings — Caller Michael says the word politics comes from two Greek words meaning “many parasites,” and most nations who print money either end up in a depression or war. He says he believes the greatest problem Aust faces is a lack of water. Mitchell says he does not believe Vic benefited greatly from the Fed budget and the Frankston Bypass will probably have a toll imposed on it after not receiving any federal funds.

3AW Mornings — Caller Roger mentions the TV show Rubbery Figures and says ‘Wayne’ must have been watching the program when he created the budget. Roger says ‘Wayne’ said the budget would generate 220,000 jobs, and mentions Rudd said his pension ‘splash out’ prior to Christmas would create 85,000 jobs. Roger wonders what industry and which states those jobs will be created in. Mitchell says new jobs will be created in infrastructure and construction.

3AW Mornings — Caller Dorothy and her husband are retired, and Dorothy says she watched the budget. Dorothy says she is 66 and her husband is 68, and both have worked past the requirement date. Dorothy says she only receives a small pension and complains that it took more than 21 days for her pension to be approved. Dorothy says she is supporting herself on superannuation, saying her husband has worked very hard in the construction industry. Dorothy says Fed Treasurer Wayne Swan glossed over the benefits of part-pensioners and wants to know what she is entitled to. Dorothy says she can not survive on the pension and says people who have a poor attitude to hard work are better looked after

3AW Mornings — Caller Dave is a 32yo single man with a child and says he will not receive anything in the budget. Dave says the deficit and borrowing is concerning, and says he does not believe it is the right time to increase pensions.

3AW Mornings — Caller Steven says most of PM Kevin Rudd budget funding announcements, such as a boost in higher education funding, are too small to enact significant reform.

ABC 774 Melbourne Mornings — Caller Caroline says there was nothing in the Budget for pensioners last year, so this had to be addressed this year.

ABC 774 Melbourne Mornings — Caller Andy says he would like to know when the Govt proposes to pass the legislation relating to the 30% rebate on capital expenditure for small and medium businesses. Faine says there was an announcement last night about a 50% allowance, saying Andy should look at the Budget papers.


ABC 891 Adelaide — Caller Nev says after studying the budget he’s given up on the Labor Government but finds the alternatives absolutely abhorrent too. He says he’ll put his faith in old Labrador bitches because they’re the only true believers left. He says he’s been unemployed for a few years and has endured accusations of being lazy. He says it’s hard to live on benefits and improve one’s circumstances. Bevan says former NT Chief Minister who now works for ACOSS was talking to Kerry O’Brien last night after the budget was handed down and commented the glaring omission was the unemployed.

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