There was a swine flu meeting at my workplace yesterday morning, and my boss tried to calm panic by saying, “I believe that you may be a carrier of swine flu without actually contracting it yourself — which is sort of like AIDS”.

I was in David Jones yesterday and I was most frustrated to find that there was no size of anything I asked for. The staff told me they had been waiting for stock since Christmas. David Jones feeling a little bit of the GFC?

I’ve just found it interesting that there has been no reporting on that fact that Commonwealth Bank customers were unable to use ATM machines (both CBA and other banks) for a period on Saturday the 2nd May from around 11am till at least 12 noon (I stopped trying at that point.) There’s nothing I can find on the CBA website and my other standard read, The Age, had nothing. Searches on Google returned nothing. I’d probably know more if I had bothered to call the bank up but I couldn’t be a-sed as I knew it would just have me on hold for a few hours.

Congratulations, SACL, you’ve just made the experience of using Sydney Airport even more miserable. It’s always been a pain in the neck trying to pick up arrivals from the miniscule kerbside space you provide for passenger pick-ups at the domestic terminals. If your passenger isn’t there, you get waved along by the men in orange vests. Until recently you could just chuck a few more casual laps around the terminals until your pick-up got to the kerb.

Seems that SACL have wised up on all this lost revenue doing laps, and have now made it illegal to do a right hand turn on the way out of the airport to continue your loop of the arrivals zones (not that it was ever easy, mind you, fighting your way back in through lanes of deranged taxi drivers.)

SACL has even gone to the trouble of laying down some concrete blocks and putting up signs to stop drivers looping the loop. Now it’s only taxis and “authorised vehicles” (i.e. those paying SACL’s exorbitant monopoly pricing) that are allowed to perform this manoeuvre.

I wonder whether this move has anything to do with the recent reports of dives in revenue for SACL and they are now looking for ways to screw every single cent out of airport users.

In this case, by making arrivals pick-ups so difficult as to discourage them altogether unless people use the car park?

I have just been informed that Melbourne’s Citylink will be tolling motorcycles very soon.

Just heard that all casual and sessional staff at the Victorian College of the Arts have been told that this is their last week. Sacked! I wonder how they will be able to teach their programs now? There has been a casualisation policy in place for years …

The APSC might have closed its regional offices. There is a simple reason — job vacancies will cease to be advertised on 7 May. More Budget cuts! Employment shutdown for the APS.

Just to let your readers know, If you book tickets with Tiger and pay with credit card not only does Tiger Charge you more SO DOES THE BANK. Because Tiger HQ is in Singapore it is treated as an overseas transaction. My bank NAB charged 2% of the ticket price extra. Both Tiger and NAB both say it is the others ones problem. SO CONSUMERS beware if the web site you purchase from is OS. Spoke to Consumer affairs and they say it is not illegal not to let the consumer know where there HQ is.

Peter Fray

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Peter Fray
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