May 5, 2009

Plimer wants to talk science? OK, here goes…

Given that Ian Plimer has written today in The Australian that no "critic has argued the science" with him, I thought I'd have a go.

“Critics, who have everything to gain by frightening us witless with politicised science, have now shown their true colours. No critic has argued science with me. I have just enjoyed a fortnight of being thrashed with a feather.” — Ian Plimer, today’s Australian

Bold claims that the science is “missing” from the extensive research conducted by the world’s premier research bodies (Hadley-Met, NASA, Potsdam-Oceanographic, CSIRO, Tindall, National academies of science) need to be backed by evidence. The argument that figures reported in thousands of peer-reviewed science journal papers and complied by International and government panels (IPCC, Stern, Garnaut) are wrong and amount to attempts at reinvention of the basic tenents of physics and chemistry of climate science needs to have solid science behind it.

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4 thoughts on “Plimer wants to talk science? OK, here goes…

  1. David Coady

    It’s the “tenets” of physics, not “tenents”.

  2. Tony Kevin

    This is the best and most relevant refutation of Plimer’s deeply fallacious book that I have seen. Thank you, Dr Glikson.

    Editorially, it would be a helpful convenience to readers if article titles and co-authors of the cited references were listed in the references. It’s tedious to have to open up each article to know if one has read it already or not.

    Tony Kevin

  3. Bruce Hogben

    Like you, David Coady, I could find no fault with the article but for a simple literal.

  4. Jonathan Edwards

    Here is another damming review of Plimer’s book by Profesor Barry Brook, Director, Research Institute for Climate Change and Sustainability, Uni of Adelaide. (Both Plimer and Brook are from Uni. Adelaid)


    I really want to read the book but might wait till I can buy a cheap second hand copy, which hopefully will not be that long away!!

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