The Winners: Nine won as Underbelly exited for the year. It topped the most watched list with 2.078 million, with Seven News second with 1.626 million. Today Tonight was 3rd with 1.516 million and Nine News was 4th with 1.332 million. A Current Affair was 4th with 1.279 million and Home and Away won the 7pm slot with 1.277 million, just in front of Nine’s repeat of Two and a Half Men with 1.266 million in 7th spot. MasterChef Australia averaged 1.237 million on Ten in 8th and then came Recruits, Ten’s debut, at 8pm with 1.234 million. The 7pm ABC News was next with 1.116 million, Seven’s 7.30pm program How I Met Your Mother finished with 1.114 million people and Desperate Housewives at 8.30pm averaged 1.104 million. Ten News had a million viewers on a Monday for a second week. It averaged 1.047 million and Nine’s 8pm program Missing Pieces averaged 1.043 million at 8pm. Top Gear averaged 991,000, Australian Story, 986,000, Scrubs on Seven at 8pm, 980,000. Eleventh Hour on Nine at 9.30pm, 971,000 (over 1 million people didn’t stay for that one from Underbelly). Brothers and Sisters on Seven at 9.30pm, 941,000.

The Losers: Good News Week, 817,000, 400,000 viewers lost from MasterChef. Supernatural on Ten at 9.30pm, 632,000. Spooks on the ABC at 9.30pm, 586,000. You Saved My Life, 931,000 at 7.30pm for Nine. Seven and Ten were well in front.

News & CA: Seven News again won nationally and in every market as did Today Tonight. Nine News averaged 380,000 in Sydney, a strong second to Seven, 80,000 in front. The 7.30 Report averaged 875,000. Four Corners, 693,000 for a buy-in, Media Watch, 620,000, Lateline, 245,000, Lateline Business, 111,000. Ten’s Late News/Sports Tonight, 286,000. SBS news at 6.30pm, 214,000, 179,000 for the 9.30pm edition. 7am Sunrise, 397,000, 7am Today up to 349,000 and closing.

The Stats: Nine won 6pm to midnight All People with 29.1% (24.5%) from Seven on 26.2% (21.5%), Ten, 21.5 (32.0%. Ten says it still won 16 to 39). The ABC was on 15.4% (14.8%) and SBS was on 7.8% (7.2%). Nine won all five metro markets and leads the week 33.7% to 25.3% for Seven. In regional areas a big win to WIN/NBN with 33.0% from Prime/7Qld with 24.4%, Southern Cross (Ten) with 18.8%), the ABC with 15.5% and SBS with 8.3%.

Glenn Dyer’s comments: Underbelly finished in a satisfactory manner for Nine and for the audience, except for the bare flesh. Not needed any more. We’ve established these blokes like flesh. Next, how about the way the crims suborned the various Governments, especially parts of successive NSW Liberal and ALP regimes. That would be a real coup in TV terms.

Now that Nine doesn’t have Underbelly, there are a million or so viewers up for grabs. Next week Nine goes back to the Underbelly well one more time for an hour long special on Aussie Bob Trimboli.

MasterChef Australia last night was again solid. Is it the enormous cast in these early days that is disconcerting? There seemed me to be more people competing than eating at prime time in many Sydney eateries at the moment.

TONIGHT: Seven has All Saints, Christian The Lion at 7.30pm (which is worth a look). 10 Years Younger in Ten Days at 9.30pm — the highlight of the night.

Nine has three episodes of Two and a Half Men and one “fresh” 20 to 1 clip show at 7.30pm. Hell’s Kitchen is at 10.30pm.

Ten started Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation with Shaun Micallef. It will either rise or die on his hosting. If he and the writers have brought their Newstopia line, it could zing, if its something else, it will sag. Ten has a half hour of MasterChef, and then NCIS at 8.30pm and Lie To Me at 9.30pm which is fading fast.

The ABC has Foreign Correspondent at 8pm, SBS Insight at 7.30pm.

Source: OzTAM, TV Networks reports

Peter Fray

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