May 5, 2009

Labor spineless on emissions

The Howard-Costello Government displayed much greater political backbone with GST than Labor has over the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme, writes Clive Hamilton.

Some governments lead, some governments follow, and some governments pretend to lead.

The presentation of the renovated Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme as a stronger commitment to a 25% target has bamboozled some. Yet the conditions that must be met for the 25% target to be adopted are deliberately impossible. Even if by some felicitous freak of the negotiating process they were met, the Government has promised a rubbery process of “ratification review” that seems tailor made for weaseling out of the promise.

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6 thoughts on “Labor spineless on emissions

  1. Most Peculiar Mama

    How did Rudd and Wong manage to fool Clive Hamilton so easily?

  2. liamjones

    Hmmm. Will this really matter? The original climate debate seems so sown up, Man causes climate change. Sure. Well maybe not. Some effect sure but………Astronomers are finding the entire solar system is heating up and has been for some time. Every planet! Coal fired power plants on Venus, Mars? No get back cynic! How about solar wide cosmic changes due to the sun? other? after all the whole solar system hurtles thru space, into what?

  3. Venise Alstergren

    @Mostpeculiarmama: @LiamJones, @Clive Hamilton. None of us should be surprised about this spineless back-down. In eighteen months Kevin Rudd has reached a nadir which took John Howard eleven years to achieve.
    The question should be; what hasn’t the Rudd government backed-down on?
    Rudd is a great believer in a god. The only thing standing between this atheist and the imaginary kingdom of heaven, is the hope, somewhere sometime please let me be a witness to the meeting between the pair of you.
    I have to say there’s no-one like a christian to fu-k with life.
    Wasn’t there something in the christian bible about the son of god flattening all the money lenders? Oh, Kevin, I wouldn’t like to be in your shoes when you meet this mysterious god of yours.

  4. John Hassall

    All I can say is there is a whole lot of other things that our $950 buckeroos could have been spent on…I’m pretty sure buying plasma TV’s (generalising sorry) made in Asia ain’t gonna help jobs or emissions which are causing global warming.

    Hey Liam can you post an article about the Astronomical effects that are contributing to the heating of the planet, I’m interested and don’t want to rule out any opinion.

    And Venise, I’m no Christian but this was in the Christian Science Monitor (Are they Christian?) the other day – “On average, concludes a report from the World Resources Institute, for every $1 billion invested in well-thought-out green programs, 30,100 jobs will be created, “saving the economy $450 million per year in energy costs.”


  5. MichaelT

    I think it’s unfair to say that the Howard government faced an easier task getting the GST through the Senate. They had to negotiate only with the Democrats, who were inclined to making a deal.

    The non-government parties and independants in the Senate now are highly disinclined to make a deal. And they are opposed to it both from the Left and from the Right, either because it doesn’t go far enough, or because it goes too far.

    Getting any kind of emissions tradings scheme through teh Senate now looks like a non-trivial, and maybe impossible undertaking. They should cut their losses and go for something simpler, at least.

  6. liamjones

    John awhile back when i had some time I researched this selectively on the net typing in “entire solar system heating up”. easy. heres a link

    other sites are good too, even the out there ones eg

    have fun with this whole new paradigm which I believe is part of the answer! liam

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