Have you visited the Crikey website lately? It’s changed — quite a lot — and the changes are more than merely cosmetic. So this is something we need to talk about.

You’ll notice that we’re now running a lot of material from other sources; we’ve even changed our Crikey tagline.

Crikey — Now with extra source” is the new one and that’s what our new site will be full of — the best of the web. Visitors will get a taste of our Crikey originals too of course, though we’ll still be keeping most of our original material under wraps for our Daily Mail subscribers (that means you). No change there.

You’ll still receive your daily email of exclusive stories, and you’ll still be able to log-in to the new site with your old details. No change there either.

The new site has lots of nifty new features — galleries, archives, a search function that actually works. Spend some time looking around — nothing will bite and we don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

We believe that Crikey is more than just a daily independent, online news source. We think Crikey is a point of view, a filter, a perspective, a way of seeing the world. We also believe that working with the internet is all about embracing the stuff that other people do. There’s no ego in this. Sometimes a story that Crikey people have written will be a big thing on our website. More often it will be a story, or a video, or a podcast, or an interconnected series of animated infographics from some other source.

What we’re hoping to do is bring it all together in one place. It’s ambitious, it will keep us busy, but we hope you will be intrigued, informed, sometimes even excited and amazed, by the choices that we make. We want to present a world view to you, and we’re big enough to realise that view can only be enhanced if we take in little bits of all that there is to see.

It’s an exciting prospect, something that is almost unique in contemporary internet publishing and now it’s yours to enjoy.

Peter Fray

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Peter Fray
Editor-in-chief of Crikey