The Nazis within. The Daily Telegraph published a stunning expose on Thursday of "dozens of hate sites on the web" that attack "Australiaʼs favorite brands". Worse still, these hate sites "could have a big impact on company image". Absolutely shocking business, and terrible for those companies targeted. Oh wait ... Iʼm confused. I thought that maybe Jewish workers at Woolworths were being targeted in a corporate version of the Adelaide Institute, after all a "hate site" is "a website that promotes hatred, typically against a specific race, religion nationality, s-x or sexuality".

Instead, sites in the article include Dell Hell (a US site and brand), Qantas Sucks (nothing hateful in that name), AmexSux (definitely a favorite Australian brand) and McSucks, a site as the name suggests targets McDonalds. The article fails on two counts: exercising dissent in a free society doesnʼt make a site a "hate site", and most of the brands mentioned donʼt qualify as Australian favorites (Qantas maybe, but notably Qantas isnʼt ranked in the top 20 Australian brands.