Currently I am in a beautiful fishing town on the Southern point of Baja California, called San Jose. The people have been friendly and always welcoming; however we have noticed a very big change in them.

We see a lot of face masks, and people are standing well back from one another when walking, compared to the usual hustle and bustle that we have encountered in the town centre.

We have been lucky, as the Baja, or the “Peninsular” has not had any reported cases, except for up North where it meets the mainland, which unfortunately has been hit the worst. A lot of people are very sick it seems, from what we can make out on the news that it is more than we read on the Australian and US newspaper websites.

We have managed to book flights to LA for Wednesday morning our time and are keeping a constant vigil on the Government websites and newspapers praying that they don’t shut the boarders. We are a little scared and have camped out in our little hotel room watching the TV and making the “best guess” of what we think they are saying.

We have been eating from the many street side vendors. Eating tacos, fajitas, gorditas and several other folded tortilla based foods. All have been excellent quality and delicious. Only drinking bottle water, so not to catch water based bugs. Ha, but now it’s airborne, just can’t win!

The girls travelling with us have been worried and jumping at the first coughs or splutters to ensure that health is the best it can be given the conditions.

When we first got here a week ago the cop at the hospital was asleep out the front, now there is a massive crowd and it is flat out — no time for his daily nap.

The hotel staff doesn’t speak any English, however the guy at the desk doesn’t seem too concerned as he doesn’t leave the building ever and spends hour after hour asleep in a hammock next to reception.

We have no idea as the flow of information is not what it is at home! Even the locals don’t know what to expect.

Not speaking a lick of Spanish hasn’t really affected us when ordering food or getting bus tickets, however when it comes to safety and not knowing what is going on with this whole pig flu has not been fun and in fact is quite scary.

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