Is there a better way to bust a recession that pay a design team squillions to come up with a new logo? Check out what’s just replaced the NSW Coat of Arms on some online government job ads, e.g.:

[from 24/04/09]

Then check out the logo of the NSW rugby team:

Now that NSW is setting the precedent for dumping its official emblems and symbols, perhaps federally we can shoo the ‘roo and emu off the Commonwealth Coat of Arms and instead bung in a nice patch of lawn — something surely all True Blue Aussies aspire to — above the Latin guff or stick with the sporting allegiances and put a lovely stylised schema of Fatso the Wombat centre stage.

Did you see Tony Abbott, the Mad Mick Monk, sporting a cycling shirt emblazoned with “The Church of Jesus Christ and the Latter Day Saints” on telly last night? My heavens, Tony’s a Mormon now? Or just a latter day saint? What next? Speaking in tongues to salamanders?

Crikey political editor Bernard Keane writes: Better that than Rabobank.

It would be a terrible tragedy if any of our Parliamentarians visiting Mexico were stricken with Swine Flu, and we all hope and pray for their safe return. Still … out of John Hogg, Belinda Neal, John Murphy, Dick Adams and Bob Baldwin, not a one would be missed by either side, not to mention the political difficulties that might in some cases be resolved … Just saying.

I’m sure there will be a flood of more knowing responses that come to Crikey regarding the so-called retirement of Peter McPhee as the University of Melbourne’s first Provost. But until those tips come through, it is painfully obvious to the observant observer that something is most definitely up when an Historian of the French Revolution chooses Bastille Day to retire — symbolic overdrive? I think not!

I think you’ll find it was the Melbourne Sunday Herald Sun that ran the months old Great Ocean Road inserts. The Sydney Sun-Herald is guilty of many crimes against journalism, including the new Kate Waterhouse “gossip” column, but is innocent on this occasion.

Centrelink are currently cancelling health care cards because they can’t open letters quickly enough. We posted a letter reqarding our income eligibility on April 18th; closing date for receipt was 21st April. We needed a prescription today and my wife’s card was cancelled. We contacted Centrelink, they received the letter before the due date, but as they haven’t processed the letters they are cancelling cards due to their inability to process the information in a timely manner. The letters are about changes that may take effect next financial year, so why the cancellations. Lucky for us we are still solvent.

There is a stand beside the box office in the foyer at the Sydney Opera House from which you can pick up a free Sydney Morning Herald. So, when collecting or buying tickets before an evening performance you can experience déjà vu by reading the morning’s news which was written yesterday anyway. Good stuff.