Daily Telegraph Opinion Editor Tim Blair is very proud of his eponymous “law”, which he codified back in his pre-News Ltd. days.

The ongoing process by which the world’s multiple idiocies are becoming one giant, useless force.

Blair’s Law is essentially code for Teh Left. It is Blair’s way of saying that everything of Teh Left is idiotic, and all Leftists are confused idiots who mindlessly support idiotic causes regardless of the links (or lack of links) between them. Of course, it’s easy to write a “law” about the convergence of non-related Leftist causes when you do the converging on behalf of Teh Left.

Blair’s latest column for the dead tree arm of his employer attacks four concepts: smoking, supervised injecting rooms, voluntary euthanasia and population control.

If cigarettes were marketed as “time-delay euthanasia inhalables”, they’d be endorsed by the assisted suicide lobby as a medical breakthrough.

There’s the first paragraph, and the hypothetical (see the “if”?) convergence is flagged immediately. The next twelve paragraphs attack efforts by governments and bodies around the world to remove smoking-related images and advertising from the public sphere. Then, in a beautiful Blair’s Law segue, the anti-anti-smoking argument links to an anti-supervised injecting room argument, suggesting that Teh Left are hypocrites for supporting smack but opposing smoke.

…model racing cars can’t be sold in Australia if they appear as they did in the ’70s and ’80s, with cigarette branding. An opportunistic business now exists in after-market cigarette decals.

They’d probably throw you out of the drug injecting room at Kings Cross if you turned up with a little toy Marlboro car.

The place was established so junkies would have somewhere cosy to shoot up heroin (or something described as heroin, sold to them by a filthy scab-armed housebreaker in an alley) but they don’t permit smoking.

It’s bad for your health.

On a roll, Blair then links anti-smoking and pro-heroin to population control, blaming the lot on “the same class of social engineers” (read: Teh Left).

This week, South Australian busybody Sandra Kanck – whose surname is but one consonant away from complete accuracy – decided Australia’s population needed to be cut to just seven million in order to save us from “environmental suicide”.

See how Blair called Kanck a “skank” without having to quite say it? Classy.

Sandra Kanck represents two of the “multiple idiocies” drawn together in Blair’s article, because she supports a reduction in Australia’s population at the same time as supporting voluntary euthanasia. Of course, once Kanck’s (silly and seemingly arbitrary) 7 million figure hit the news last week it didn’t take long for Blair to start suggesting that perhaps she wasn’t too committed to the “voluntary” part of “voluntary euthanasia”. Two more idiocies converged — ding!

Blair wraps up the article by bringing the whole string of forced convergences full circle, linking not-so-voluntary euthanasia back to smoking, and suggesting that Teh Left are idiots for being anti-smoking when its “alleged” adverse health effects would assist depopulation.

The alleged deleterious sexual effects caused by smoking should be seen as a positive.

Smoke to save the planet!

What is it with Teh Left and supporting everything stupid?