The Victorian Royal Commission into the Black Saturday bushfires kicked off this week amid its fair share of controversy. As victims' claims that they've been denied a voice in the process dominated the headlines, the Victorian Department of Sustainability and Environment's prescribed burns continued across the state:

Meanwhile, this morning DSE put out a fire alert for the Western District. A DSE spokesperson spoke to Jon Faine on ABC 774 this morning (listen here):
DSE: Look we're specifically worried about the wind and specifically in the Western part of the state, the fire danger isn't going to move above very high but it's going to be quite windy in that area today and there's been quite a bit of burning going on ... some of it DSE planned burning but there's also a lot of private burning going on... FAINE: do you want that suspended for tomorrow? DSE: Well it's for today ... but I suspect people probably are suspending it... I know the CFA have put out information out to their areas about the fact the wind is picking up... FAINE: We've had a bit of rain ... since the dreadful February experiences, hasn't that helped? DSE: Yeah the Eastern part of the state, like in East Gippsland actually has had some of rain so today we're actually doing quite a lot of burning there but the west has missed out, the North West part of the state's got nothing, effectively. Some areas are still quite dry and certainly in the burning we've been doing over the last week, and we've been quite active, we have had difficulty at times with the very dry fuels if fires do spot out, they will run.