Crikey reader Mathew Kenneally has intercepted the following letter addressed to the electorate office of Malcolm Turnbull:

Electorate Office
PO Box 1840
Bondi Junction NSW 1335

Dear Mr Malcolm Turnbull


I am an Afghani. Me and family are very afraid of Taliban. I want to live in Australia. My friend owns boat and says he take all family to Australia.

You say that your Labor party makes refugees want to come to Australia by being soft. Especially on “TPV”. I find this on interweb:

Like you I notice that Kevin Rudd has introduced Migration Amendment Regulations 2008 (No. 5) (SLI NO 168 OF 2008), to abolish temporary protection visas. Specifically I see the regulations abolished subclass 451, and 447 visas, and replace them with rights to permanent residency. I believe the new visa is a subclass 851 visa, but I cannot be sure as I do not have regulations in front of me at moment: internet in Afghanistan is almost as slow as Australia.

Thanks to this change I plan bring whole village to Australia, after brief stop over in Indonesia.

Please stop telling people that we know all about migration regulations, otherwise plan will fail.


Mr. A.N. Afghani
The Village