The Reverend “Flash” Gordon Moyes has been expelled from Fred Nile’s Christian Democrat Party.

The move follows a long-running feud between the two reverends over the direction of the Christian fundamentalist party. Moyes recently challenged Nile for the leadership and lost. On Saturday he paid the price — expulsion.

In a heated statement on his website today Moyes complains:

For Rev Fred Nile [to have] announced in a newspaper report I had been expelled from the party by the management Committee is an example of appalling manners and declining personal relationships … I was expelled not because of any moral, sexual, financial or any other kind of unacceptable Christian behaviour but because I have some different views to the leader and believe the Management committee to be dysfunctional.

“Flash” Gordon protests that the committee due to hear his appeal today is chaired by none other than Nile. And he floats the option of joining Family First in a bid to drive a nail into the coffin of the CDP.

“Whatever the vote today,” he affirms, “I will fulfill my term over the next two years. I can continue in Parliament as a Christian Democrat associated with the CDPs in twenty other countries but not with the extremist faction ‘the Fred Nile Group’. Or I may accept an invitation from Family First, if it is extended, to be their man in New South Wales Parliament for the next two years. I would then lead their ticket in the next election.”