So. Here we are. Another day of non-productivity that pours millions down the drain while our central bank defiantly tries to save our reserves. The RBF can only try its best to stem the gush.

The self-appointed illegal leader defies the calls for Elections and lies about the so-called 64% support of HIS ideals and the normalcy of our current situation.

Lo and behold we even detect some knee-knocking as Bainimarama now begins to fear another coup within a coup of his 3 coups.

The illegal Attorney General finds it fit to defy our local media and spill his guts to the international press as if it will gain him any credibility. Furthermore he continues to defy the notion that his soon to be known illegal judicial appointments will be independent and impartial. The individuals who take up these roles will be hard-pressed to ignore the treasonous oaths they take as officers of the court, against a constitution that is still very much alive.

Iloilo as the illegal Head of State continues to defy logic by continuing to put his hand to more farcical decrees that feebly attempt to keep the arms of government buzzing.

But neither Fiji or the world is fooled. We are in a mess and and we are the scorn of the regional neighborhood.

Growing defiance is also continuing in our opposition of this illegal military regime. Dorsami Naidu’s staunch defiance even from the 4 walls of his cell are note-worthy and to be applauded. It is a bright spark in these dark days.

Jone Baledrokadroka’s latest radio interview is all the more enlightening about how effective the might of the military really is when the masses are defiant.

Dark days yes but peaceful defiance is central to our freedom as a nation. There are no limits to how that should look.

Continuous hand-wringing, teeth-gnashing and wailing from the sides should not be an option.

This post was from intelligentsiya.

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