There are times, and this holds true despite the constant cravings of the news cycle, when not much is going on. Easter provides an ideal opportunity for Very Little To Happen, a long weekend when almost everyone in public life ducks for cover, certain in the knowledge that busy times are ahead and this may be a last chance for a moment or two in peace and seclusion.

Some, however, take advantage of this hiatus to promote their own causes:

Safran “crucifixion” offends villagers

Devout Christian followers of Good Friday’s crucifixion rituals in the rural Philippines village of Kapitangan were devastated to learn that John Safran’s nailing to the cross alongside local penitents was a TV comedy show stunt. (Read more)

Others will have momentary attention — obviously unwanted — thrust upon them:

Labor Party is preparing for Peter Costello as Liberal leader

The Labor Party is preparing for Peter Costello to take over from the unpopular Malcolm Turnbull as Opposition leader. Secret research is being conducted in key battleground cities by the ALP, testing the voter popularity of Mr Costello and Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey. (Read more)

In either case we can be entirely confident that if we ignore both of them, they will go away.