Let’s put it down to the full moon. That and the giddy delights of chocolate-induced hyperactivity have produced so many worthy Wankley candidates we don’t know where to start.

First up, this highly inappropriate picture from the folks that brought you the Henson controversy:

Mmm we love the smell of hypocrisy in the morning.

And speaking of the h word — H is for the Herald Sun. Cue faux outrage at the North Melbourne players’ “stupid chicken video” — ROOS SHAME:

But by all means please visit heraldsun.com.au to view said “stupid chicken video” yourself. So far today the paper’s web traffic has been boosted by nearly 35,000 video views.

As for The Daily Telegraph , the daily rag just has WTF written all over it today.

They’re currently spruiking footage of a mother shooting her son in the head at a shooting range (as are The SMH so they get a nod too), and then turning the gun on herself. The website offers a photo gallery and footage — the video thus far has scored three stars and carries WARNING: Images may disturb.

May we suggest that you’d have to be a stone cold psychopath for the images not to disturb you. And to click on the video in the first place.

Best click on the other headline vying for attention instead: Man charged with rude internet revenge on lover. “Is Tony a Love Rat or Victim of Cruel Crime?” You decide:

Something about a man, his ex-girlfriend-turned-fiance, a petrol station, some s-x on YouTube, Beverly Hills, the text message “CHK OUT UR NU WEBSITE U F. . .N SLUT”, a “video of a video”,  and a really bad dye job.

Is it the long weekend yet?

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