There was Ross Greenwood on the Today Show on the Nine Network standing outside the Reserve Bank in Martin Place, Sydney this morning telling Karl/Lisa that the bank would be meeting there and would look at cutting rates. Likewise on the Seven Network and the ABC news broadcasts in the last day or so: the RBA HQ in Sydney was the backdrop for pieces to camera or overlay. And in the Sydney Morning Herald‘s diary this morning the RBA was down as meeting in Sydney.

All wrong. This is what is on the RBA website: Reserve Bank Board Meeting, Brisbane Outcome of Board Meeting (2.30pm AEST).

It’s a long way from Martin Place.

Regarding yesterday’s tip about Aerodrome Fire Fighting Services, the situation is little different for urban firefighters around Australia. In Victoria for example they typically work four days on and four days off. Of the four days on, two of them are night shift and most of the time they will sleep. This is why many firefighters have second jobs or business activities on the side because they have so much spare time on their hands, particularly when combined with nine weeks of annual leave.

I just heard tonight that there has been lots of advertising on the TV recently for a timber industry super fund which could be to raise funds for the Gunns Tamar Valley pulp mill. Apparently Gunns have also taken delivery of 15 containers of stuff destined for the pulp mill and I heard that it IS going ahead.

The Frankston Toy Library is run by volunteers who are themselves parents. It is widely known and advertised to all members of the community that it is closed on the school holidays, giving one 40 weeks a year to get down there and help out.

Buy a new VW and you don’t get an Owner’s handbook any more. Check out this answer from the Enquiry desk @ VW: “Unfortunately Volkswagen do not send out owners manuals to customers nor do we have electronic copies, however you can obtain an owners manual from your local Volkswagen retailer priced at £25.” How do you alter the time? Our genius at VW “Customer Service” says: “simple, press the ‘h’ for hour and ‘m’ for minute”. Small technical hitch, there is NO, repeat NO, ‘h’ or ‘m’ in the car! For some of us who are technically challenged — suggest you don’t buy a VW in Australia or else check out that VW Oz are supplying owner’s handbooks!

Who’s baking the Hot Cross buns early? Or rather — when are the buns of big bread manufacturers actually cooked? I’ve had it on good authority that one big company, an Australia-wide major, actually bakes its Hot Cross buns back in November. That’s right, making Hot Cross buns before we’ve had Christmas! It’s claimed they are then put into plastic bags, shoved into giant freezers and then taken out when the season starts (in early January!) and sends them to the shops in increasing quantities. I hope that’s an urban myth. My local bakery was making them this morning. Delicious with butter and a fresh coffee.

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