EMI Music Australia recently sent a letter to all suppliers they have credit accounts with. It contained the following blunt statement — “We would also like to confirm that we are changing our standard payment terms to 60 days end of month.” Since when did arrogantly granting extended credit term to yourself become acceptable business practice? I like to see how far I’d get trying the same stunt on my suppliers, or my bank.

Has News Limited’s Sunday tabloids bulked up its checks and balances after the Pauline Hanson fiasco? Yesterday’s Tele and Sun included a top scoop from Tony Sheahan, son of Mike Sheahan, in which Peter “Spida” Everitt broke ranks and detailed how he was offered illegal drugs while playing. Interesting to read in the copy that News Limited made him sign a statutory declaration to concede he was telling the truth. If only wannabe paparazzo Jack Johnson was asked to do the same…

Staff are amused, if not bemused, at one of the major commercial TV stations where a top ranking news executive has admitted to his team that he’s left his wife and shacked up with a new woman. In itself, that would not be a major issue given his previous form. This time, however, staff can’t believe his new squeeze: a work experience student (albeit, mature age, in her late 20s) that he took a lot of interest in.

More fun at Fort Fumble. While all staff in the International Policy Division have been asked to sign stat decs attesting to not having hacked into the Minister’s computer, only senior executives in the Defence Signals Directorate and the Defence Intelligence Organisation have to do so. One military officer has refused to sign, labelling it an insult to his honour. For his refusal he was interviewed by the defence security goons.

In all the fuss over Therese’s pirate shirt why has the fact she is wearing a NZ designer not worth a mention? She was also wearing some more Trelise Cooper at the G20 dinner.

Go check out the Aerodrome Fire Fighting Service (AFFS), the specialised fire fighters employed at airports, and funded wholly by the airlines. Each night, fire fighters at the largest and busiest airports around Australia all go to bed. Despite international response times demanding rapid responses, the United Firefighters Union flatly refuses to give up this archaic and dangerous practice citing “fatigue”. The union forgets to mention that their members work 42 hours a week with 16 hours of that asleep — while their wages are paid by the airlines and ultimately the travelling public. Imagine a job where you get paid to sleep! The next time you fly into Perth lat at night, spare a thought for your rescue “experts” who are fast asleep in bed — it’s dangerous and a national scandal.

Anna Bligh’s Chief of Staff to be done over by three very, very disgruntled colleagues angry at how he claims credit on every campaign he touches. They cite yet another example of his poor political antenna, this time in the recent 2009 QLD election when the polls were looking bad and he wanted to dump Bligh. Very reminiscent of when he said he could have got Latham over the line against Howard. “We should switch to Lucas” is the line and it has been recorded.

Regarding the I’s “outrage” at gore p-rn, the day before, the Tele themselves had a hyerlinked gallery of the crash pictures accompanying the story. I chose not to look at the gallery, thought it was tasteless and tacky. But I wasn’t surprised at the Tele‘s backflip the following day. Or that their link had disappeared.

The Frankston Toy Library, is closed during the school holidays. Apparently they do this each and every school holidays. It’s like closing all the betting shops on cup day.

Crikey.com blocked for ALL staff in Department of Treasury and Finance and at CenITex. Cenitex/DTF-GSG fiasco is a LOT deeper and a LOT worse than you have reported to date, keep digging! Love your work.

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