Well ok so hell where are we in this bar in bethnal green somewhere being bought drinks by these nice yuppies they’re not yuppies exactly that’s kind of archaic but guys in suits with a desire to be a bit louche, they’re all going to the bethnal green working mens’ club later, an old, well working mens’ club that has become this sort of burlesque central i.e. girls with father issues take their fishnets off to Prince songs you have to queue for hours past a certain age you don’t queue to get into a space you’re already queuing for space circumscribed by a pine box OK so we’d all drifted back down from docklands where the g20 things was happening except all the transport had been turned off to make the place a ghost town which it kinda used to be no tube line there the idea being that why would dock workers want to need to go anywhere they could just live in limehouse and unload ships and so they put in a light rail system in the 80s when the place was effectively demolished and rebuilt of the long good friday is that not a great film that is a f-cking great film that is the greatest british film that final scene where bob hoskins is in the back of the car being driven to his death and he’s watching london slide by in the windows and it’s life it’s the whole of life but there comes a time and that is kind of a segue to the actual g20 thang because there is a similar air of the futile exercise of power here is ever there was a more pointless quibbling nothing sort of global summit well i would like to have fotos because nothing nothing nothing was done except what people were always going to be doing which was a mid sized stimulus package and some piddling regulations on tax havens and that’s about it and the whole point is that when you’re trying to manage global capitalism you have only two options which is to let it run with the chance of it really jumping forward (or crashing and burning) or alternately regulating the sh-t out if so that growth slows to a crawl and inflation racks up remorselessly and then there’s stagflation and that is the likely course of the next few years — as the right say — but as the right don’t mention, the alternative is “worse” in terms of the health of the system because a more austere regime will simply prompt a global financial collapse of credit and potentially usher in a deflation why am i so bored why i am so bored because nothing real happened here nothing happened and the only thing that gave this one day meeting any cred was the protests pretty bloody badly prosecuted it must be said the anarchist failing to press home yesterday’s advantage and getting their convergence centre raided en masse (why didn’t you move it last night you dopes?) and in cricket terms i’d call it a boring draw if that weren’t a triple tautology and the guys drinking in the bar are basically unaware of what happened either in the g20 itself or the protests and there is no real doubt that the conference addressed nothing except the needs of the participants to shore up their own domestic support brown by looking like the man and making cameron looking like his whiny little biatch and for sarkozy to arrive late and leave early pathetic like a bloke going to a party being held by a bloke who just stole his girlfriend and don’t we ever grow up i guess we never do especially men especially insanely ambitious political leaders and obama has flashed his conciliatory credentials and his wife has groped the queen which people see as a first they seem to forget keating the lizard of oz as the sun called him placing his hand in the small of the queen’s back but i think it was the fact that michelle obama is about seven feet tall and looks like she is about to push this ancient german woman into her handbag that did the trick and the republicans in congress presented an alternative budget today ahhhhhh bless before voting thru the proper one like good little elves and we are going to the burlesque now and it is so boring that a labour minister’s wife could get paid an allowance for watching it and the anarchists are whining on their website and i cant go on i go on i cant go on and on and

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