Brumby set to reshuffle to get rid of incompetent Kosky, Jennings and Batchelor. 

Hacking their own Minister’s electronic records is bad enough. But what about the fact that some elements in DSD are now apparently involved in *domestic* intelligence collection? I thought their role was confined to foreign signals intelligence?

RMIT University has heavily bent the facts in response to the small controversy around the Muslim Prayer Room dispute (recently covered by the ABC, The Age and The Australian). On Monday the University posted an official statement on their website and in The Australian. In it, they claim to be providing two Muslim Prayer Rooms on the City Campus. There are in fact NONE on the City Campus — this is precisely the issue under dispute.

Stop work action by Airservices Australia engineers, technicians and support staff Australia wide today 1pm for four hours. Sydney will have a reduced arrival rate to maintain safety for that period.

I have just 100% confirmed that AAPT have slashed jobs in middle management and account management in Australia, and are sending them over to the Philippines. Trying to sneak under the radar?

Transpacific Industries Group has told all staff to take two weeks annual leave before June 30. That effectively reduces their workforce from 7000 to 6000 for 14 weeks. If your bin isn’t emptied next week you know why!