Which NSW upper house rightwing ALP MP prevented the re-election of a popular branch secretary on the grounds he technically hadn’t yet renewed branch membership under rule blah blah, subsection blah blah, despite being a fully paid up member of the ALP and despite having the overwhelming support of the more than 20 branch members at its annual general meeting? Which same MP herself hadn’t renewed her branch membership on the same facile technicality? And which same MP ironically sits on the steering committee of “Building A Modern Labor Party”, which is charged with making ALP membership more attractive?

Wayne Swan is not the only one travelling in First Class. The member for Higgins and spouse were also seated in the pointy end on a recent trip to San Francisco.

I am a current employee at Manildra Flour Mills in Manildra and at the moment there is talk of job losses. I know the economy is not going well and this is happening everywhere but wasn’t some of the money from the ethanol subsidy meant to secure jobs at this site? Also I have been reading that no food quality grade grain will be used in the production of ethanol. One of the main reasons there is talk of job losses is because on weekends all three mills at this site make “starch” to be sent to Nowra when six months ago they were making products and people would be there 24/7 packing. We no longer pack much export flour because I guess they will make more money off ethanol than flour.

Some of the grain that is being used is weather damaged and isn’t good for making flour out of but around 70% is good. The reason I am saying this is maybe you could make this known and somehow save some if not all of the jobs at risk.

You have to wonder if the Government’s Equal Opportunity for Women in the Workplace Agency actually cares about the credibility of its Employer of Choice for Women certification. The 2009 list was released this week and among the names is law firm Blake Dawson, who over the last few weeks has shown the door to at least 100 of its people. That number included a high proportion of women; many senior managers. Something Blakes management has not yet been called to account for.

Perhaps its time for EOWA to have a “please explain” conversation with Blakes and have another look at the status of women there given its actions in the last few weeks.

The Queensland State Government has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on their efforts to run an office in the Abu Dhabi. It has also been widely publicised to Queensland companies wanting to export. So far, the office remains unlicensed with their last representative not even being given a visa to the UAE and having to come in and out as a tourist. Other Australian States such as Western Australia, Victoria and South Australia have had no problem setting up genuine offices. How much money will be wasted on an office run for years that doesn’t really exist in an meaningful way?

As a national framework for protecting energy consumers gets (slowly) closer to reality, the energy industry appears to be trying to conflate the terms disconnection and disenergisation. Having thousands of households disenergised does sound so much better than having them disconnected.