On Sunday the 15th of March the Herald Sun web site reported that a boat with 54 asylum seekers was intercepted near the Cobourg Peninsular in the NT. Yep, okay, sure.

The Home Affairs Minister Bob Debus was quoted in the article as saying:

The Australian Government is committed to strong border security arrangements and is determined to deal effectively and appropriately with people smugglers” and that “the intervention demonstrated the effectiveness of Australia’s border protection surveillance.

Sounds great.

An article in the NT News yesterday told a different story.

As it turns out a 20m long boat with 54 foreign nationals on board was spotted in one of the most remote parts of the coast, less than 500m from Australia’s mainland, by a group of four kids all under 12 years old who just happened to be in the area.

A demonstration of the “effectiveness of Australia’s border protection surveillance”? I think not.

This is along way from the border protection steel trap being portrayed by the Minister for Home Affairs Bob Debus.

I believe that if the asylum seekers weren’t lost, the boat could of sailed into Darwin Harbor undetected, allowing for pesky kids that is.