The Winners: Packed To The Rafters was again solid and looking at it again, you can understand what it does well across all demos. It averaged 1.887 million viewers last night. Find My Family averaged 1.559 million at 8pm for Seven, Seven News, 1.520 million and RSPCA Animal Rescuer, 1.501 million people. Today Tonight was 5th with 1.478 million. 6th was NCIS on Ten at 8.30pm with 1.357 million people. Bondi Rescue was 7th with 1.337 million and Home and Away was next with 1.202 million. All Saints on Seven at 9.30pm was 9th with 1.165 million and Ten’s Lie To Me in the same slot was next with 1.102 million. The 7pm ABC News was 11th with 1.094 million, ahead of Nine News was 1.055 million people. A Current Affair was was 13th with 1.053 million. 14th was The Biggest Loser with 1.053 million, and the second episode of Two and a Half Men at 9 pm was 15th with 1.027 million. 16th was the 8.30pm episode with 1.008 million. The 7pm repeat of Two and a Half Men averaged 996,000, Wipeout Australia at 7.30pm to 8.30pm, 948,000. Aussie Ladette To Lady at 9.30pm, 891,000. Scrapheap Challenge on ABC2, 100,000 viewers and in the top 100 programs at number 97 this week.

The Losers: Nine’s line up from 7pm. The back to back Two and a Half Men episodes at 8.30pm to 9.30pm were the only million viewer shows after 7pm for the network. Wipeout Australia, Aussie Ladette To Lady — both crass programs. Both are local versions of foreign formats that didn’t set the world on fire last year for Nine. Why people allow themselves to be used in programs like that and Big Brother etc is still beyond me. Lead Balloon on the ABC at 8pm: 439,000.

News & CA: Seven News again won nationally and in every market as did Today Tonight. Seven now stronger in Melbourne (it does fluctuate down south though) and in Brisbane. Nine News in Sydney beaten in viewing rankings by the 7pm ABC News. The Ten News in Sydney had as many viewers: 236,000 as ACA had in Sydney. Nine News is in a bunker at the moment. Not acknowledging anything. Ten News averaged 869,000 nationally. The late News/Sports Tonight, 533,000. The 7.30 Report, 795,000, with one very solid story on caring for disabled relatives/kids. Lateline averaged 231,000, Lateline Business, 168,000 . SBS News at 6.30pm 121,000, Insight at 7.30pm, 276,000. 9.30pm SBS News, 190,000.

The Stats: Seven won 6pm to midnight All People and everything else, bar 16 to 39 from 6pm to 10.30pm with 34.5% (34.0%) from Ten with 25.4% (24.9%), Nine with 22.9% (24.7%), the ABC with 13.2% (13.3%) and SBS with 4.1% (3.1%). Seven won all five metro markets and now leads the week 28.8% to 27.5% for Nine. In regional areas a win for Prime/7Qld with 34.9% from Southern Cross with 24.4% for Ten, WIN/NBN was 3rd for Nine with 21.7%, the ABC was on 13.0% and SBS was on 6.0%.

Glenn Dyer’s comments: Seven’s win last night was from the usual list of Animal Rescue, Find My Family, Packed To The Rafters and All Saints. Nine’s Wipeout Australia again showed last night that selling tripe to Australian viewers only works for so long (that’s why Seven is not bring back Gladiators this year after it sagged the longer its 2008 season went on).

Seven is now in the lead for the week and that should be extended tonight. The return of The Gruen Transfer on the ABC at 9pm though will be a major destabiliser. It’s a viable alternative to Criminal Minds, House and The Mentalist on the commercial channels.

TONIGHT: The ABC has New Inventors, Spicks and Specks and The Gruen Transfer. Ten has House, Life, Guerrilla Gardeners and The Biggest Loser. Seven has Australia’s Got Talent, Criminal Minds and Beyond the Darklands, which is another attempt by Seven to plumb the Underbelly story/genre through the factual side. For the past five weeks or so it was Gangs of Oz produced in Sydney. SBS has not much at all. Nine has The Farmer Wants a Wife, The Mentalist and two Cold Case episodes.

Source: OzTAM, TV Networks reports